Valorant Masters Berlin Day 7


Valorant Masters Berlin Day 7 Recap: Sentinels Returns to Winning Ways

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Valorant Masters Berlin Day 7 saw Sentinels return to its winning ways with the North American team securing a 2-1 win against F4Q.
Gambit Esports solidified its spot in the EMEA rankings by defeating Crazy Raccoons.
Acend earned a hard-fought 2-1 victory against SuperMassive Blaze, and increased its chances of being a part of Valorant Champions.

After suffering defeat at the hands of G2 Esports earlier this week, Sentinels secured a win last night against F4Q. If F4Q had secured a win against Sentinels, the team would still be out of the competition. However, the roster managed to put on a show in its final match at Berlin and took a map home from Sentinels, something very few teams can say. Crazy Raccoon vs Gambit Esports was very competitive with both teams putting on a tough fight but, but Gambit eventually secured a 2-0 win. Acend took on SuperMassiveBlaze (SMB) for the second time in the event and managed to win once again, leaving SMB’s chances of being a part of Valorant Champions at risk.

Valorant Masters Berlin Day 7 Recap

Here is a rundown of everything that happened on Day 7 of Valorant Masters Berlin

Match A5 — SuperMassive Blaze vs Acend (1-2)

Acend beat SuperMassive Blaze earlier in the event, and SMB attempted to exact revenge but failed to do so. The series ended 2-1 in Acend’s favor, putting the team in third place on the EMEA circuit points leaderboard. SMB still has a chance to earn second place on the leaderboard and head to Valorant Champions.

Match C5 — Crazy Raccoon vs Gambit Esports (0-2)

While the scoreline suggests Gambit Esports had a comfortable victory against Crazy Raccoon, the series was actually very closely contested. After trailing in the first map at half-time, Gambit managed to find its bearings and went toe-to-tie with Crazy Raccoon to earn two hard-fought victories. Gambit has enough circuit points to guarantee a spot in Valorant Champions. No other team can catch up in the EMEA region due to the massive lead Gambit has built up over the entire VCT season.

Match D6 — F4Q vs Sentinels (1-2)

F4Q lost its previous two matches and it did not stand a chance to stay in the competition even though the team won last night. The players managed to put on a competitive performance and beat Sentinels in one map, which is something very few teams in the world have accomplished against the North American team. Sentinels is locked for the playoffs and will be looking to take on the remaining teams to win the event.

Valorant Masters Berlin Statistics

Team Envy’s Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker is still number one at the event in terms of Average Combat Score, with the player boasting an impressive 291.3

Vision Striker’s Goo “Rb” Sang-Min retains his spot as the player with the highest K/D Ratio which is currently at 1.64

Jett’s pick rate dipped slightly over the past two days but she is still the most picked agent with a pick rate of 80%

Valorant Masters Berlin: Where to watch

Fans can catch up on all of the action at:



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