Valorant Masters Berlin Day 4


Valorant Masters Berlin Day 4 Recap: Vision Strikers Seals Champions Spot

Abhimannu Das
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Valorant Masters Berlin Day Four was eventful with Vision Strikers securing a spot for Valorant Champions through circuit points.
Sentinels defeated F4Q with Tyson “TenZ” Ngo topping the leaderboards in average combat score and K/D.
Team Envy secured a spot for the playoffs after pushing KRÜ Esports to the brink of elimination.

Day four of Valorant Masters Berlin saw Vision Strikers seal its spot for Valorant Champions after securing a win against Acend. Sentinels continued to dominate the event with a comfortable 2-0 victory against F4Q and Team Envy took home a 2-0 victory against KRÜ Esports. F4Q will not be able to qualify for Valorant Champions with circuit points and it will need to win Valorant Masters Berlin, which seems like a herculean task. Vision Strikers on the other hand has enough points to automatically qualify for Valorant Champions through circuit points and even if it does not win the ongoing Masters event, it will be heading to the world championships.

Valorant Masters Berlin day 4 recap

Here is how day four of Valorant Masters Berlin went:

Match B3 - KRÜ Esports v Team Envy (0-2)

Both teams headed into the series desperately needing a win to stay in the competition and the first match on Icebox was closely contested with a 6-6 scoreline at half-time. Team Envy eventually managed to snag a win in Round 17. But on Ascent it was a completely different ball game leading to a dominant 13-2 scoreline in Envy’s favor. Team Envy has secured a spot for the playoffs with last night’s win.

Match A3 — Vision Strikers v Acend (2-0)

Acend is one of the fan favorites at the entire event but Vision Strikers (VS) put on quite the display with an emphatic 13-7 scoreline on Haven and a 13-9 win on Icebox. Vision Strikers achieved the record of the longest winstreak in competitive esports and it is regarded as the strongest team in Asia. While the world is focused on the North America (NA) and Europe (EU) rivalries, VS managed to shock Acend fans and solidified its spot in the ongoing event.

Match D3 — F4Q v Sentinels (0-2)

While F4Q proved that it can go toe-to-toe against Sentinels in the first match on Split, it could not secure a win. Sentinels managed to end the match 13-9 and proceeded to dominate F4Q throughout the second game on Breeze with a 13-4 scoreline. If F4Q loses its next game, it will be knocked out of Valorant Masters Berlin.

Valorant Masters Berlin day 4 statistics

Sentinels’ Tyson “TenZ” Ngo proved that he is a cut above the rest with an average combat score of 384, which dwarved everyone else by at least 60 points.

TenZ also has the highest K/D Ratio, which is sitting at 1.96.

The most picked agent is Jett at an 84% pick rate with Sova losing his number one spot which he had held for two days.

Valorant Masters Berlin: Where to watch

Players can catch up on all of the action at:



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