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Valorant Ion Skin Collection Returns With More Skins

Abhimannu Das
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Valorant's Ion 2.0 skin bundle is now live and it will be available for 7,100 VP for the next two weeks.
Players can also buy the skins individually including the sought-after Karambit skin.
There are upgrade options available using Radianite for unlocking more color combinations.

Riot Games is adding more skins to the Ion lineup and players can get their hands on the new Ion 2.0 bundle right now. There are new Ion 2.0 weapon skins for the Ares, Vandal, Spectre and Frenzy. Players can also get the Ion Karambit as part of the bundle which is a melee skin. In addition to the default color scheme, there is also the option to upgrade the skins and unlock more variants with Radianite.

Valorant Ion 2.0 Bundle Overview

The Valorant Ion 2.0 bundle builds on the original Ion bundle which is still very popular because of its futuristic design. The new Ion 2.0 bundle expands on the previous collection and now we have more skins based on the same theme. The skins are expected to be a part of the premium tier with the entire bundle set to cost around 7,100 Valorant Points (VP) which is approximately $68 USD.

Here are the skins and their respective prices in the bundle: 

  • Ion 2.0 Ares: 1775 Valorant Points

  • Ion 2.0 Vandal: 1775 Valorant Points

  • Ion 2.0 Spectre: 1775 Valorant Points

  • Ion 2.0 Frenzy: 1775 Valorant Points

  • Ion 2.0 Karambit: 3550 Valorant Points

Once you purchase the skins or the bundle in its entirety, you will be able to unlock additional color combinations including blue-white, green-black, and yellow-red. There will be no new finishers as part of the bundle and you will get the same Ion finishers we have seen in the original bundle.

The lack of new finishers might be disappointing but Riot Games wants to keep the bundles consistent and we can expect the same treatment for future sequels to existing skin collections. The bundle went live on 18th October in the in-game store and it should be available for a couple of weeks. Once it moves out of the store, you will have to wait for a re-run or you could also wait for the skins to be added to the Night Market in the distant future.

Cosmetics in Valorant are by no means necessary to enjoy the game and you should spend your money wisely. The weapons are purely cosmetic and you should purchase them only if you really like them and want to support the developers.

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