Valorant Gaia's Vengeance 2.0 Bundle: Release Date, Skins, Price, More


Valorant Gaia's Vengeance 2.0 Bundle: Release Date, Skins, Price, More

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Aditya Singh Rawat
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The next skin collection to hit Valorant is going to be Gaia's Vengeance 2.0 bundle.
This bundle will be consisting of four weapon skins along with a dual-wielding melee weapon.
Here is everything we know about the Gaia's Vengeance 2.0 skin collection.

Valorant is set to release a new bundle called Gaia's Vengeance 2.0, which will be a sequel to the famous skin line Gaia's Vengeance released last year on 1st March 2022.

More than 18 months since the previous collection was released, a new nature-themed skin collection has been teased with a duel-wielding melee weapon consisting of both a knife and an axe.

Apart from this, other weapons that are set to be a part of this bundle are Phantom, Ares, Bucky, and Shorty. They all follow a similar design and finisher pattern to that of their predecessor.

Here is everything about Valorant's latest bundle Gaia's Vengeance 2.0 including all skins, designs, finisher, price, release date, and more.

Valorant Gaia's Vengeance 2.0 Bundle: Complete Details

The Gaia's Vengeance 2.0 Bundle is a premium edition bundle that consists of four weapon skins, a rare dual-wielding melee weapon, and a couple of decorative items.

  • Gaia's Vengeance 2.0 Release Date: 4th October, Wednesday

The overall design of the weapons including the finisher is similar to the previously released, Gaia's Vengeance.

There might be some slight changes and variations. However, in one look it is not easy to differentiate, something that the community is divided upon because a part of them feel that something fresh should have been rolled out. In contrast, others believe that consistency helps in extending the collection in a proper manner.

Gaia's Vengeance 2.0: Skins

The collection consists of four weapon skins, one melee skin, and a few items like a playercard, spray, and gun buddy.

  1. Gaia's Vengence Phantom

  2. Gaia's Vengence Ares

  3. Gaia's Vengence Bucky

  4. Gaia's Vengence Shorty

  5. Gaia's Vengence Axe and Knife Combo - Melee

  6. Gaia's Vengence Spray

  7. Gaia's Vengence Playercard

  8. Gaia's Vengence Gun Buddy

Valorant Gaia's Vengeance 2.0 Bundle: Skins

Gaia's Vengeance 2.0: Prices

The entire Gaia's Vengeance 2.0 bundle is priced at 7100 VP. This will include all skins mentioned above along with themed items.

For those interested in purchasing individual skins and items, they may be priced as follows,

  • Gaia's Vengeance Weapon Skins: 1775 VP

  • Gaia's Vengeance Melee Skin: 3550 VP

  • Gaia's Vengeance Playercard: 375 VP

  • Gaia's Vengeance Spray: 325 VP

  • Gaia's Vengeance Gun Buddy: 475 VP

Speaking about the entire collection, the design, and other similar elements have been kept the same more or less, but the interesting addition has been the dual-wielding melee where holding a knife and an axe together definitely goes hard.

For now, this is all the information that we have to offer about the Gaia's Vengence 2.0 bundle. We will update this space with more details as and when more information about this skin collection is released.

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