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Valorant Fans Upset Over Jett Nerfs in Newest Valorant Patch

Abhimannu Das
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The new Jett nerfs in Valorant have left some fans unhappy despite Riot making it clear why the devs had to hit the agent with the nerf hammer.
Jett has experienced extremely high pickrates in competitive Valorant while completely outclassing every other Duelist option.
Despite some pro players and creators disagreeing with the nerfs, most fans seem to be accepting of the changes.

Riot Games released a new update that introduces some major nerfs for Jett. A part of the Valorant community is upset over the nerfs but it is hard to deny that Jett needed some tuning. Jett has experienced exceptionally high pick rates of over 90% in some cases at competitive Valorant events, which outclasses every other agent in the game. The agent might not have been broken, but she outclassed all other Duelist options in most scenarios.

What are the new Jett nerfs in Valorant?

While the changes were necessary, a lot of players are unhappy with the nerfs. Content creator Eggwick talked about how “it kinda kills the explosiveness that Jett players could have.” T1 player Joshua “steel” Nissan joked about how a lot of pro players will now need to move into retirement homes following the Jett nerfs.

While some fans are upset over the nerfs, others are more accepting of them. Paper Rex’s Valorant coach SleepyStudiosTV said, “now that I thought about it for two seconds I don't think the Jett nerfs are really that bad. 12 seconds is a long ass time, you'll know when to use it for executes and defensive aggression. The only thing you can't do now relies on your reflexes to escape sudden death.”

Riot revealed in a blog post, “We’re committed to making sure Jett can keep her unique place on the roster while giving our other Agents a bit of breathing room, while also ensuring we can protect the core tactical promise of Valorant moving forward.”

The devs feel that Jett’s power makes it difficult to create viable Duelist alternatives. Riot was concerned about a Sova nerf before 4.08 was shipped since his utility is a key piece of how many players deal with Jett. Riot found it necessary instead to update Jett’s dash ability to avoid reworking the entire game around her.

Only time will tell if Riot Games was successful at toning down Jett’s power level or if she will continue to dominate the ranked and competitive meta.

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