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Valorant Esports Community Reacts to Gekko’s Release at VCT LOCK/IN

Abhimannu Das
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The new Initiator agent Gekko is Valorant's first dedicated spike planer with a range of crowd control abilities.
Gekko is capable of summoning various pets who have their own unique abilities.
The new Initiator will be available in Valorant on 7th or 8th March depending on your region.

Valorant fans saw Fnatic take home a win against LOUD at the grand finals of the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) LOCK//IN event, but there was a special surprise for the community waiting. Riot Games dropped a trailer for Gekko and fans are loving the design and vibes of the new agent. Unlike many of the other agent trailers we’ve seen so far, there was no combat and action and it was a laid-back presentation of what Gekko can do.

Valorant esports community reacts to Gekko

In case you missed the trailer, here’s what the new agent looks like: 

With the new agent being able to summon a bunch of colorful creatures, G2 Esports jokingly said that we now have a new Pokemon trainer in town.

Cloud9 couldn’t help but make a Pokemon reference too.

Sentinels posted a hilarious image portraying Eminem as Gekko. 

The Guard’s graphic designer Sydney pointed out something bizarre in the trailer. One of the registration plates said “DEDCYPR” which hints at “Dead Cypher”. Fans have not yet figured out what it means. 

Amazon University Esports was impressed by the new trailer and wants a Valorant movie. We couldn’t agree more.

Team Secret said the new adorable Pokemon-like creatures will make the team lose ELO.

100 Thieves pointed out that Gekko looks like Rustin Sotoodeh who is the owner of Highround, a company acquired by 100T in 2021. 

Riot Games gave a shoutout to Eric Doa, the singer of the background track that everyone has immediately fallen in love with.

Gekko is the newest Initiator in Valorant who will arrive on 7th or 8th March, depending on your region. 

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