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Valorant Devs Talk About the Possibility of Adding Mirror Maps in the Future

Abhimannu Das
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Joe Lansford, Joey Simas, and George Sokol from the Valorant team shared their insights on the game's map design.
The devs responded to requests for night maps saying that they may consider it someday.
Riot wants each new map to come with its own set of challenges and puzzles for players to overcome and solve.

Riot Games recently hosted an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session on Reddit with Valorant’s level designer Joe “ManWolfAxeBoss” Lansford, level designer Joey “Joeganaut” Simas, and lead environment artist George “dad-squad” Sokol. The team spoke about the future of maps in Valorant, how they’re designed and what direction they might push towards. The devs also hinted at some of the reasoning behind Icebox and Fracture receiving some major tweaks after launch, stating that they have a vision for each map.

Mirror maps may also be added to the game but the devs want to keep the details a secret for now.

How maps are designed in Valorant

According to the devs, each map has a purpose and the devs try to envision the kind of gameplay each map facilitates. Simas said in the AMA “We want each new map to come with its own set of challenges and puzzles for players to overcome and solve. Breeze pushed for larger, more open combat spaces and Icebox introduced a lot more vertical complexity, for example.”

In some cases, Riot Games has not been able to stick the landing with some maps, but the company has shown that it is listening to player feedback. In a recent update, Site B was completely reworked to make engagements a lot more fun. Icebox was one of the least-picked competitive maps and the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour events will prove if this rework is a success.

Mirror maps may be in the works according to a hint by Lansford

A fan asked if we will get variations of existing maps in Valorant, Lansford hinted at mirror maps being added to the game but things are top-secret for now. In Valorant lore, there are multiple realities and the “good” agents are constantly in a struggle with agents from Mirror Earth. It is the entire premise of the game, which is how the game explains two of the same agents end up facing each other in matches. A mirror map would be very interesting but it is likely something that will show up in events or as a separate mode.

On being asked about potential night maps coming to Valorant, the devs responded saying that they may consider it someday and pointed out the issues that arise when designing night versions of existing maps. Sokol revealed, “artists always love making stuff at night time, but it's a tricky balancing act to make a map look like night but also have enough clear visibility for gameplay.” Night maps are heavily requested by fans in some games and we have seen other popular shooters like Overwatch and Apex Legends add night maps during special events.

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