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Valorant Champions Day 5: Team Secret Keeps SEA’s Hopes Alive

Abhimannu Das
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After being knocked into the elimination bracket by Gambit Esports, Team Secret lives to fight another day with a 2-0 win against Crazy Raccoon.
With a victory in the bag, Team Secret will now need to win against Vivo Keyd Stars to stay in the competition.
Crazy Raccoon's journey at Valorant Champions has come to an end after suffering two back to back defeats.

With FULL SENSE being eliminated from Valorant Champions, we have just two teams left in the event that are representing Southeast Asia. After suffering an early defeat against Stage Three champions Gambit Esports, Team Secret desperately needed to win to stay in the competition. The team went up against Japan’s Crazy Raccoon and secured a comfortable 2-0 victory last night and will be moving on to face Vivo Keyd Stars to fight for a playoffs spot.

Valorant Champions Day 5: Team Secret vs Crazy Raccoon Recap

Team Secret vs Crazy Raccoon Match 1 - Split (Team Secret won 13-5)

Team Secret started off strong with an 8-4 first-half and the squad promptly ended the match with some quick round wins without letting Crazy Raccoon recuperate. Jim “BORKUN” Timbreza was the star of the match with a solid 18 kills and just seven deaths.

Team Secret vs Crazy Raccoon Match 2 - Haven (Team Secret won 13-2)

Team Secret’s Kevin “Dispenser” Depio Te dispensed pain to the Crazy Raccoon squad with a repeat of BORKUN’s performance from the first game. Dispenser also earned 18 kills while dying just seven times. He ended the night with 33 kills in the bag, making him the MVP of the matchup.

Team Secret started off strong against Gambit Esports but it was unable to keep up the momentum, which forced them into the Elimination bracket. With a win against Crazy Raccoon in the bag, the team will now need to take out Vivo Keyd Stars to qualify for the playoffs, which will feature the top eight teams at the event.

Valorant Champions: Where to watch

Valorant Champions is being streamed on Trovo for the first time ever along with the official YouTube and Twitch channels. Here are the official links for the English streams.




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