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Valorant Challengers League: Registration, Format, Schedule

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The tier two event will serve as a gateway to the Valorant international league.
Registration for the open qualifiers will open soon and players need to stay tuned to Knights Arenas' socials.
The event qualifiers will kick off on 9th January.

The first Open Qualifier event for Valorant Challengers League 2023 kicks off next month on 9th January. The event is being hosted by Knights Arena in partnership with Riot Games. There will be two qualifier events that will determine which teams make it to the main event. The top team at the event will get a chance to compete in Valorant’s international league next year. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming event.

Valorant Challenger’s League Registration

Teams who want to compete in the Open Qualifier (OQ) need to follow Knights Arena ( for an update when registrations open up.

Valorant Challenger’s League Format

The Challengers Open Qualifiers will consist of two separate tournaments, with the top four teams from OQ #1 and the top two teams from OQ #2 joining the final roster of invited teams for the 2023 season. The tournaments will begin with a best-of-three, single-elimination format until Round 32 where the brackets will be re-seeded for the main event featuring double-elimination bracket play. In addition to the Open Qualifiers, the first two weeks of the Challengers League will be played on Patch 5.12 and feature the same map pool as Champions - Istanbul.

Valorant Challenger’s League Schedule

  • 9th January - Single-Elimination / No Broadcast

  • 10th January - 6 PM EST

  • 11th January - 6 PM EST

  • 12th January - 6 PM EST (Winners qualify for Challengers)

  • 13th January - 6 PM EST (Winners qualify for Challengers)

Main Event 

  • 17th January - Single Elimination / No Broadcast

  • 18th January  - 6 PM EST

  • 19th January - 6 PM EST

  • 20th January  - 6 PM EST

  • 21st January - 6 PM EST (Winners qualify for Challengers)

  • 22nd January - 6 PM EST (Winners qualify for Challengers)

More details about the registration procedure will be available very soon. Riot Games is focusing heavily on the tier two scene for 2023 and there will be opportunities in every region for teams to qualify for the international league even if they have not received a franchised league spot. 

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