Valorant Agent 22: Everything You Need to Know

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Valorant Agent 22


Valorant Agent 22 is expected to arrive in Episode 6 Act 3 in late April.
There are not many details available about the agent outside of the codename “SmokeDancer”.
The agent is expected to be an Initiator or a Sentinel and may have the ability to shut down smokes.

Valorant Agent 22, who is codenamed SmokeDancer, is expected to make an appearance very soon. It has been a while since the release of Harbor, who is currently the newest agent in the game and players can expect an official announcement about the next agent in Valorant very soon. The recent State of the Agents update by Riot Games dropped a teaser about the upcoming agent and we now know that there are three agents scheduled for 2023. Here is everything we know about Valorant’s next agent.

Valorant Agent 22 Details

There are not many details available about the agent outside of the codename “SmokeDancer”. While an official list of abilities is not available yet, players are speculating that the next Agent will have the ability to counter other abilities that block line of sight which sounds very effective.

Some agents rely on blocking line-of-sight with their abilities, which are fancier versions of “smokes” (Smoke Grenades) from other FPS titles. Being able to shut down vision control can offer a tactical advantage and might be good for the game considering a lot of players complain about the visual clutter in Valorant because of the ability spam.

Riot dev John ‘MEMEMEMEME’ Gosciki did a “foot reveal” of the new agent which you can check out in the video below:

Riot Games confirmed that there will be three new agents this year and we are expected to get at least one new Initiator and one new Sentinel so Valorant Agent 22 is likely to be from one of  the two classes.

Valorant Agent 22: Release Date

The next agent is expected to release in Episode 6 Act 3, which should drop sometime around late April. But Riot Games has a history of teasing Agents way ahead of time and with the Valorant Champions Tour LOCK//IN scheduled to end on 4th March, we can expect some teasers from the publisher very soon.

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