Valorant Agent 16 ‘KAY/O’ Announced

The newest agent in Riot Games' hit shooter will debut alongside the Episode 3 update

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Valorant KAY/O


KAY/O is Valorant's newest agent with his wide range of suppression abilities and flashbang grenades.
The agent is a war machine with the ability to cheat death when he is 'overloaded' and can be revived.
The new agent will be available on 22 June with the Episode 3 update.

Riot Games just announced its latest agent ‘KAY/O’ who is a machine of war designed to neutralize radiants. The new agent has the power to suppress opponents and prevents them from fighting back. KAY/O’s E ability and ultimate allow him to shut down enemy agents and he also has access to flash grenades to blind anyone in sight. The agent will be available as part of the Episode 3 update on 22 June. The new update will also introduce new skins, an all-new battle pass and other content along with the new agent. Here is a quick look at everything you need to know about Valorant’s latest agent, KAY/O.

Who is KAY/O?

Valorant Game Designer Ryan Cousart shared his thoughts on the new agent and he talked about how the goal was to add something that is familiar to all FPS players but also include elements that make the agent unique. He said “KAY/O was the first Agent that we started developing after the game launched, and we wanted to integrate him into the world a bit more.” The new agent’s suppression abilities can be devastating in team fights and Riot Games has added visual feedback and voice lines to alert players when they get suppressed by KAY/O.


Valorant KAY/O Abilities

(E) ZERO/point

EQUIP a suppression blade. FIRE to throw. The blade sticks to the first surface it hits, winds up, and suppresses anyone in the radius of the explosion.

(Q) FLASH/drive

EQUIP a flash grenade. FIRE to throw. The flash grenade explodes after a short fuse, blinding anyone in line of sight. Right Clicking the flashbang, throws a charged flash, causing it to only have to cook for 1 second, as opposed to left click throwing a flash that cooks in 1.6 seconds.

(C) FRAG/ment

EQUIP an explosive fragment. FIRE to throw. The fragment sticks to the floor and explodes multiple times, dealing near lethal damage at the center with each explosion.

(X) NULL/cmd

INSTANTLY overload with polarized radianite energy that empowers KAY/O and causes large energy pulses to emit from his location. Enemies hit with these pulses are suppressed for a short duration. While Overloaded, KAY/O gains Combat Stim. If KAY/O is killed while overloaded, he is downed and enters a destabilized state, allowing allies to stabilize his core and revive him.

KAY/O is part of Valorant's Episode 3 Update

Riot Games

Valorant Agent 16: KAY/O Release Date

KAY/O will be available for all players from June 22 as part of the Episode 3 update.

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