Valorant Patch 3.08


Valorant 3.08 Patch Notes: Map Tweaks, Esports Features and More

Abhimannu Das
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Valorant's patch 3.08 has added some much-needed performance fixes for players who were experiencing a dip in frames since patch 3.07.
Players will now be notified if Riot Games takes action on any of your in-game reports, even if you are offline.
The patch has lowered the amount of times the UI needed to update itself which should lead to better performance for all players.

With the Valorant Champions Tour’s (VCT) Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ) still underway, Riot Games has opted out of any balance changes with patch 3.08. While the developers have confirmed that a Yoru rework along with other balance changes are in the works, it is unlikely that they will release any changes until the end of the North America LCQ event.

The newest patch has some much-needed performance improvements and brand-new esports features to make coaching easier for professional teams. Here is everything new that dropped with Valorant’s patch 3.08.

Valorant patch 3.08: Map Changes

Attackers at A Lobby in Split could previously hear gunshots from the A Ramps during the buy phase. The interaction was unintended and it has been fixed.

  • Viper’s Ultimate will no longer spawn incorrectly when placed on top of the shipping crates on B site located on Icebox.

  • Shooting walls continuously no longer creates a blinding orb.

Valorant patch: Performance updates

Reduced instances where UI is invalidated. The patch has lowered the amount of times the UI needed to update itself, thus saving performance costs.

  • Optimized Viper’s Poison Cloud first-person HUD

  • Optimized Viper’s Pit first-person HUD

  • Optimized weapon and ability clipping plane calculations

Valorant patch 3.08: Esports Features

  • Coaches now have the ability to swap to players with keybinds. Keybinds are 1-5 from left to right across the top HUD.

  • Coaches will now see a visual PIP (a small demarcated dot) on the top player HUD to indicate who they are spectating.

  • Coaches now inherit the setting to see player keybindings on the minimap, similar to Observers.

Valorant patch 3.08: Social updates

Players will now be notified if Riot Games takes action on any of your in-game reports even if you are offline. Prior to the latest patch, players would be notified only if they were online but the devs have implemented a notification system that will let you know if any action has been taken against your reports upon login.

Valorant patch 3.08: Bug Fixes

  • The valves on Viper's gloves now appear on the correct side of her hands in Left Hand Mode

  • Weapon skins should now appear correctly in-game

  • Observers can now correctly see player outlines through barriers

  • Fixed hitch that could occur when Barrier Orb breaks

  • Fixed hitches for certain input prompts

  • Fixed a bug where using Ping (Z) while defusing caused you to stop defusing

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