Velocity And GodSquad To Face Each Other At Skyesports SEA Championship


Val’Clasico: Velocity-GodSquad to Face One Last Time at Skyesports SEA Championship

High stakes Val'Clasico, one last time!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Both the Indian teams, Velocity Gaming and GodSquad, at the Skyesports SEA Championship faced defeats against MiTH and Bleed Esports respectively.
The two Indian teams will be facing each other in the lower bracket semifinal tomorrow - one last high-stakes Val'Clasico.
Loser of the match between Velocity and GodSquad will be eliminated from the tournament while the winner will move ahead.

The opening day of Skyesports SEA Championship witnessed the teams from Southeast Asia (SEA), MiTH and Bleed Esports, take on their Indian counterparts, Velocity Gaming and GodSquad, respectively.

After an intense day of Valorant action where Indian teams had to bite the dust, another Val'Clasico might be on our hands, probably the last one before the Indian Valorant landscape undergoes some changes.

This will be a high-stakes match where Velocity and GodSquad will be taking on each other while facing literal elimination from the tournament for which they have travelled all the way till Bangkok, Thailand.

High stakes Val'Clasico to feature at the Skyesports SEA Championship: One last time!

First day of the Skyesports SEA Championship featured some high octane matches where MiTH started off by handing Velocity a clean '2-0' deafeat, followed by Bleed replicating the same results against GodSquad.

MiTH vs Velocity Gaming

The first game took place on MiTH's map pick Fracture, where they started out as attackers and found a lot of success early on by winning eight out of the starting nine rounds, ending the half with a comfortable '8-4' lead.

Velocity showed some promise by winning the opening two rounds of the second half but were unable to break through MiTH's defense in the next four rounds, bringing this game to a close with a '13-8' scoreline.

The second game observed the two teams clash on Breeze and Velocity playing defense was able to keep the score leveled at '6-6'. However, they failed to execute a coordinated attack and were unable to win a single round, resulting in a '13-6' defeat.

Silverware for the Skyesports SEA Championship

Bleed vs GodSquad

The match started out on Bleed's map pick Icebox, where they went on a merciless attacking spree to dominate the first half '8-4'. Nevertheless, the second half was even more impressive as Bleed pulled off a flawless defense to win five rounds in a row, closing out the map '13-4'.

GodSquad tried to comeback in the series on their map pick Haven, but this was a shortlived hope as they concluded the first half '5-7' and once again failed to hold back Bleed's offense in the second half to go down '13-7'.

This is how the two Indian competitors lost their opening matches, falling down to the lower bracket semifinal where they will be taking on each other tomorrow in probably the last-ever Val'Clasico match.

The stakes will be high as the losing team will be eliminated from the tournament while the winning team will continue its journey ahead through the lower bracket.

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