V33Wise Duo Featured in League of Legends Rambulan Rito Showmatch

V33Wise Duo Features in League of Legends Rambulan Rito Showmatch

John Dave Rossel
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Blacklist International's Mobile Legends stars OhMyV33NUS and Wise were featured in the League of Legends Rambulan Rito showmatch.
The V33Wise duo received a warm welcome from fans who were watching the stream.
The V33Wise duo started their esports career by being League of Legends PC players before eventually shifting to Mobile Legends.

An unexpected duo was featured in the League of Legends (LoL) Rambulan Rito showmatch as Blacklist International’s iconic Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players Jonmar "OhMyV33NUS" Villaluna and Danerie "Wise" Rosario participated as guests in the event. The showmatch was composed of popular pro players and streamers from LoL PC. Wise and OhMyV33NUS showed their flexibility by playing multiple roles throughout the LoL Rambulan Rito showmatch. The dynamic duo eventually lost the exhibition match. 

V33Wise show off LoL PC skills in Rambulan Rito showmatch

Fans were ecstatic to see two iconic MLBB pros taking on veteran League of Legends players in the Rambulan Rito showmatch, which broadcasted live on 11th November 2023. Blacklist Intewrnational’s V33Wise duo teamed up with veteran streamers and influencers Gloco, BBKIM, SUZZYSAUR, REBENGGA to form Team OGs and went against Team New Breeds featuring young streamers and influencers SADPARU, CHICHI, Kapitan Pugo, SUPERMJ, JILLIPUFF, and YVENNE.

While the match resulted in Team New Breeds taking the 2-1 victory, Team OGs was able to keep up the pace before eventually failing to defend their Nexus against JILLIPUFF’s backdoor attempt at the 26-minute mark during the deciding match. Wise (Kaizer Ming) showed his skills in League of Legends with Kai'Sa in Game 1, Caitlyn in Game 2, and Ezreal in Game 3. OhMyV33NUS, on the other hand, picked Miss Fortune in Game 1, Zyra in Game 2, and Vel'Koz in Game 3.

Seeing the V33Wise duo back in their old roots, the League of Legends Filipino community gave their warmest welcome to the two Blacklist International talents. Some fans were even looking forward to seeing more from Wise and OhMyV33NUS. 

Blacklist International’s dynamic duo was previously involved in a controversy where the two were snubbed out of the 10 Greatest Players nomination for Mobile Legends due to “endorsing a brand that Moonton is not comfortable with,” while some iconic talents such as former Burmese Ghouls member Nainglin "ACE" Swe were included despite also promoting a similar type of brand.

This issue resulted in the players involved receiving backlash from the community with ACE deciding to give up his nomination spot in the 10 Greatest Players due to alleged threats from toxic fans. Blacklist International recently released an official statement, calling out the community to remain professional and avoid attacking any of the talents involved in the controversy. 

“This is a call, not to any specific team's or country's fandom but to the entire Mobile Legends community to not be swayed by narratives that set out to divide us,”  the post captioned.

According to the Rambulan Rito broadcast, fans will be seeing more of the V33Wise duo as well as other members of Team OG and Team New Breeds in the future. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more details in the future.

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