Upthrust Esports Reveals 2023 Esports Roadmap: All Tournaments and Events

It is going to be packed.

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Upthrust Esports: All Esports Tournaments Of 2023


One of the top esports tournament organizers from India, Upthrust Esports, has shared its roadmap for 2023.
Upthrust Esports has listed out seven different events and tournament IP's it plans on hosting this year.
The specific information related to each and every tournament has not been revealed by Upthrust Esports so far.

2023 has started, bringing with it a whole new season of esports and the Indian organizers are more than ready to deliver multiple top-tier tournaments for various established and upcoming titles.

Among the first ones to share its esports roadmap for the year is Upthrust Esports, consisting of top-tier tournaments, invitational competitions, and even a celebrity charity event, but it remains to be seen what gaming titles would the organizers opt for in case BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) fails to return.

"Here's the list of some IP's (Intellectual Property) planned for the year 2023 containing several different games, providing an opportunity to the rising start," states Upthrust Esports, "We hope you support us in this journey and be a part of it."

Upthrust Esports: Complete 2023 Esports Tournament Roadmap

The list of IP's announced by Upthrust Esports are as follows,

  1. Pro Showdown 2.0

  2. Ranbhoomi 2.0

  3. Diwali Battle 2023

  4. Gamers On Ground

  5. Survivors Throne Season 3

  6. Gaming Fest Season 3

  7. India Rising 2023

Here is what we can expect from the organizer in the year ahead. The biggest doubt is which gaming titles will we witness at each of these tournaments as most of them featured BGMI last year.

Pro Showdown

The first season of this invite-only tournament took place last year featuring 24 of the best BGMI teams from across the country along with a total prize pool of 10 lakhs.

We can expect something similar in Season 2 but with a different mobile gaming title. A direct replacement would be New State Mobile, something the organizer's are comfortable with, having hosted the Upthrust Esports New State Mobile Challengers Showdown in August last year.


The first season of this grassroots-level tournament took place in 2021, giving aspiring BGMI players a chance to go against established teams. It also featured a total prize pool of 10 lakhs and took place across three weeks.

Upthrust Esports Ranbhoomi Season 1

Diwali Battle

It was a bit surprising to see this tournament being turned into an IP. However, it seems this event is more than just a competition and is actually a celebration of Diwali by Upthrust Esports.

The last season featured a total prize pool of 30 lakhs and was primarily an invite based tournament which was split in two different stages, each carrying its own portion of the prize money.

Gamers On Ground

Taking a break from hosting regular gaming and esports competitions, Upthrust Esports had organized a charity football match featuring some of the top gaming creators from India.

The event took place in December last year with all the collected proceedings being donated to charity. Something similar can be expected from the organizer's this year as well, maybe featuring a different sport on an even larger scale.

Survivors Throne

Three seasons of this IP have been previously held by Upthrust Esports featuring different mobile titles every single time - PUBG Mobile (May 2021), Free Fire (December 2021), and BGMI (February 2022).

However, the first season count actually starts from the second tournament onwards, so the one taking place this year will in fact be the third season. If it follows the previous trend it could feature a new title, maybe something between Pokemon UNITE and New State Mobile.

Gaming Fest

The third season of this IP is set to take place later this year and will be featuring a collection of gaming titles that are not too popular in the country, giving them a slight push in the right direction while also catering to a wider audience.

Last season of Gaming Fest featured titles like Clash of Clans, FIFA 22, Call of Duty Mobile, World Cricket Championship, and Pokemon UNITE, with a total prize pool of just INR 2,00,000.

Upthrust Esports Gaming Fest Season 2

India Rising

This will be the second year for this IP. The last one hosted an open-to-all BGMI tournament with a total prize pool of 15 lakhs. The organizer's are committed to hosting another season this year which could witness something similar.

These are some of the tournaments that Upthrust Esports has planned for 2023. A good mix of events that cater to a wider audience, while providing a good mix of community-centric tournaments along with events that feature the top brass of Indian esports.

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