Upcoming Valorant Weapon Bundles (E8A2): Skins, Price, Release Date, More


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Upcoming Valorant Weapon Bundles (E8A2): Skins, Price, Release Date, More

Here what you might be able to purchase in the future.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Valorant released a brilliant skinline with Episode 8 Act 2 called Primordium Bundle which was an instant hit despite the steep price.
Leaks have also surfaced about two upcoming bundles which will be released in the Valorant store soon.
One of the bundles will be low to mid tier while the other bundle will be a high tier bundle.

Valorant recently dropped one of the best skinlines in the game called Primordium Bundle which was an instant hit upon release. While the community contemplates purchasing this high-tier collection, more information has been obtained about future weapon skins that might be released in Episode 8 Act 2 itself.

Several data miners have found information about upcoming weapon bundles in Valorant but the details are limited so do take everything with a pinch of salt and keep checking back as we continue updating this space as more leaks surface.

Upcoming Valorant Weapon Bundles in Episode 8 Act 2

As usual, the new seasonal battle pass contained three skinlines - Aquatica, Retrowave, and Shellspire. In addition to this, the Primordium Bundle was also released at a price of 8700 VP ($90), consisting of a unique melee weapon and brilliant animations.

If this was not enough, data miners were able to find hints about at least two more bundles that could be released later this season, probably coming to the in-game market one after the other.

Valorant Fortune's Hand Bundle

Right after the release of Primordium Bundle, information about Fortune's Hand was leaked which seems to be a lower-tier skinline and looks more or less like just another high-quality battle pass skin. This collection has been codenamed Tarot and only a single image of the bundle has surfaced till now.

It apparently consists of five weapon skins including a baton-shaped melee and five agent-based player cards.

  1. Fortune's Hand Ghost

  2. Fortune's Hand Phantom

  3. Fortune's Hand Guardian

  4. Fortune's Hand Odin

  5. Fortune's Hand Melee

Valorant Fortune's Hand Bundle
  1. Fortune's Hand Cypher Player Card

  2. Fortune's Hand Killjoy Player Card

  3. Fortune's Hand Reyna Player Card

  4. Fortune's Hand Fade Player Card

  5. Fortune's Hand Sage Player Card

Fortune's Hand Cypher Player Card

Valorant Sovereign 2 Bundle

A day after Episode 8 Act 2 was released, fresh leaks surfaced claiming that Valorant would soon release Sovereign 2 Bundle following the success of the previous version which was released on 9th June 2020 along with Patch 1.01.

Valorant Sovereign 2 Bundle is expected to release with five weapon skins including a melee which might draw inspiration from the sword like dagger that was part of the previous collection.

  1. Sovereign 2 Frenzy

  2. Sovereign 2 Judge

  3. Sovereign 2 Phantom

  4. Sovereign 2 Odin

  5. Sovereign 2 Melee

No pictures associated with the skinline have been leaked but the price is expected to be on the higher end of the spectrum because the first bundle had cost players 7100 VP to purchase.

This is all the information we have for now regarding the upcoming weapon bundles in Valorant. Both collections have something great to offer and will be priced accordingly, effectively catering to a large portion of the game's playerbase.

These bundles will be released as part of the current Episode 8 Act 2 and it will be interesting to see if the developers can squeeze anything more before the next season begins.

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