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Twitch Confuses Rocket League Pro Arsenal for Soccer Club on Its Front Page

Abhimannu Das
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Twitch was supposed to feature the Arsenal FC vs Aston Villa soccer game on the front page this weekend but it accidentally featured Rocket League pro Arsenal instead.
It led to the pro player's views skyrocketing from 2,000 average viewers to 17,000.
Twitch eventually fixed the issue but Arsenal managed to make the best of the situation.

English soccer club Arsenal FC was set to stream a watch-along event of its match against Aston Villa on Twitch and like all major events and streams that take place on the platform, the stream was supposed to be showcased on the front page. But someone at Twitch accidentally put Rocket League pro Tshaka “Arsenal” Lateef Taylor Jr’s stream on the front page instead.

It led to the player’s viewership of 2,000 skyrocketing to 17,000 and he continued to gain viewers until the error was fixed. Arsenal thought that he was being view-botted but his fans pointed out that his stream was featured on the front page.

Arsenal reacts to Twitch’s hilarious mistake which boosted his view count

Arsenal was streaming the European Rocket League Championship Series matches to his viewers and fans who came to his stream expecting a soccer match between Aston Villa and Arsenal FC were left confused. After his initial concerns about being viewbotting were squashed, he laughed at the situation and said that he “unintentionally finessed Twitch.”

He said, ““Got scammed, got scammed. This ain’t soccer. ************s came for soccer, this ain’t soccer, b****, we play with cars.” While there was a huge influx of viewers coming into the stream expecting to see a soccer game and leaving confused, a lot of people stayed on and he saw his viewer count spike up for a very long time.

Twitch eventually fixed the error but Arsenal set a new viewer count record for himself. He typically averages 2,000 viewers at any given time and the mistake on Twitch’s part led to some funny moments between him and his viewers.

Arsenal is one of the most successful Rocket League pros with tournament winnings of over $175,000. He found a lot of success in RLCS Season X and won five events in the previous season, beating the likes of NRG, Rogue and Envy on numerous occasions. He currently plays for Spacestation Gaming and was formerly a part of the now disbanded ‘The Peeps’.

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