Trinity Gaming India Shows Massive Growth In 2022


Trinity Gaming India Grows by 400% in 2022 and Expands to Middle East

To the moon and even farther....!!!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The net revenue of Trinity Gaming India has grown by 400% in FY22 to INR 48.7 crores from INR 9.7 crores in FY21.
Data also suggest that Trinity Gaming is expected to clock a net revenue of INR 75 crores in FY23.
Abhishek Aggarwal - Founder of Trinity Gaming also gives a breakdown of the company's revenue breakdown for FY22.

One of the leading gaming management companies from India, Trinity Gaming India, has shown a huge growth this year. The company has clocked net revenue of INR 48.7 crores in FY22 according to a report by Financial Express, which is a 400% increase from INR 9.7 crores in FY21.

The company is currently headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana and manages some of the top gaming content creators from India like Dynamo Gaming (Aaditya Sawant), GodNixon (Luv Sharma), and Alpha Clasher (Pratik Jogiya), among others.

Operating primarily across three platforms - YouTube, Facebook, and Loco, Trinity Gaming India claims that it is able to generate about 2.3 billion cumulative views in a month, generating about 60% of the total revenue.

Trinity Gaming India registers massive growth in net revenue for FY22

The talent management company that specializes in gaming and esports, Trinity Gaming India, has continued to progress on its upward trajectory having clocked net revenue of INR 48.7 crores in FY22. However, there was no information about the company's net profit as it declined to state the same for FY22.

According to the regulatory filing accumulated by the business intelligence platform Tofler, this is how the company has performed in the last three years,

  • Net revenue of INR 5.2 lakhs in FY20

  • Net revenue of INR 9.7 crores in FY21

  • Net revenue of INR 48.7 crores in FY22

  • Net revenue of INR 75 crores in FY 23 [Expected]

Talking about the company's total revenue for FY22, Abhishek Aggarwal - Founder and CEO of Trinity Gaming, provided the following data related to the revenue breakdown,

  1. The three primary platforms (FB, YT, Loco) accounted for 60% of the total revenue.

  2. Their IP (Intellectual Property) business which includes gaming festivals contributes another 5%.

  3. Another 15% is acquired through their campaigns and collaborations.

  4. The remaining 20% comes from other sources which includes marketing and promotion of gaming publishers.

On top of all this, the company has also expanded its presence to the Middle East, specifically in Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and UAE (United Arab Emirates) where they are trying to replicate its business model.

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