The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Gameplay & More

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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Official Poster


The announcement for the launch of the video game adaptation of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was first made during the Game Awards 2021.
The game is set to release on gaming platforms like PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC on 18th August 2023.
The game is created by Sumo Nottingham and published by Gun Interactive, the same studio that created the famous movie, Friday the 13th.

The popular film franchise, Texas Chain Saw Massacre has a seminal place in the horror film genre and is immensely enjoyed by the fans of this heart-pounding genre. Now, the franchise is taking the next step by releasing a video adaptation of the movie. 

The announcement for the same was made during the 2021 Game Awards. More details about this spine-chilling game have been revealed, and now we have the official release date and other details about the game. Read on to find out more about the game. 

More Info About The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The great minds behind the game involve creator, Sumo Nottingham and publisher, Gun Interactive, the studio that created one of the greatest movies in the horror genre, Friday the 13th. The game is an honest adaptation of the movie The Texas Chain Saw Massacre that takes players through the chills and thrills of the spooky storyline that players can enjoy with their friends. 

The release date for the game is 18th August 2023 on all gaming platforms:  PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. It will also be available on the Xbox Game Pass on the same day. 

The gameplay trailer and the official teaser trailer for the game were released a year ago, highlighting the game’s most prominent moments. The community reaction has been fairly positive, appreciating the creators for not messing up the storyline too much. It feels authentic, as many fans remark, commending the creators for staying true to the franchise. 

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: The Storyline and Plot

The foundation of the game lies in the movies. Players can choose to play either as the victims or one of the members of the cannibalistic Slaughter family. The events of the game take place before the movie starts. It follows the story of a young woman, Maria Flores, a photography enthusiast who wanted to explore a new species of flower for her album. And suddenly she goes missing. Her last known whereabouts were near the town of Newt, while her abandoned car was discovered on County Road 172. 

Now, her sister, Ana, and her college friends, Sonny, Connie, Leland, and Julie, decide to take matters into their own hands. Following clues about Maria’s last sightings, the crew finds itself in the spooky rural Texas household of the Slaughter family. 

While most of the elements are taken from the 1974 movie with the same title, there are changes in the storyline that bring a new twist to the game. However, it follows the same tradition of leading a group of young people to rural Texas, where players will get to play as either the victims or the murderers. 

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Gameplay

The horror genre is extremely popular due to the blood-curdling, pulsating and thrilling experience that it provides. The music and cinematic excellence add more value to the game, making it as close as possible to the original movie. 

The gameplay of Texas Chain Saw Massacre is an experience of a lifetime. In the multiplayer game, players will be split into two teams. The game aims to provide an asymmetric horror experience that is gradually gaining traction. An asymmetric horror experience entails a disbalance between the two teams. One team is usually more powerful, having more powers and abilities than the other team. What makes this subgenre appealing is the fact that it still provides a very unique gameplay experience, making the game more thrilling. 

The players, split into two teams, will play against each other as the victims and the murderers. Interestingly, there will be three murderers and four victims. Ardent TCSM fans will easily be able to recognize common places in both the movie and the game, including the Family House Map, the Gas Station Map, and the Slaughterhouse Map. Apart from the others, the Slaughterhouse map is a new addition to the game.

Fans all over the world are excited to witness the release of one of the most highly anticipated games of all time, especially when it features such a groundbreaking movie. 

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