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The Esports Club Partners Announces $15,000 ZOTAC Cup for Valorant

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ZOTAC and The Esports Club (TEC) have partnered together to announce a Valorant event for Southeast Asia (SEA) and South Asia (SA).
Teams from both regions will compete for a prize pool of $15,000 USD starting from 9th January 2022.
This is ZOTAC's first Valorant event for SEA and SA in partnership with The Esports Club.

Hardware manufacturer ZOTAC has partnered with The Esports Club (TEC) to host a Valorant ZOTAC Cup for South Asia (SA) and Southeast Asia (SEA). ZOTAC is working with TEC to host the international event, which will have a prize pool of $15,000 USD, and promote esports at a grassroots level. The event is set to kick off on 9th January 2022, which will lead up to the grand finals on 27th January 2022.

ZOTAC Cup Valorant South Asia and Southeast Asia Overview

The open qualifiers will commence on 9th January 2022 in both participating regions after which the top four teams from each region will qualify for the playoffs. The eight teams heading into the main event will compete in the same bracket in a bid to win the ZOTAC Cup.

The South Asia region will have participants from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

The Southeast Asia region will have participants from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam

ZOTAC Country Head Deepak Gupta stated, “It is our responsibility to give back to and enable the gaming community. The ZOTAC CUP platform is meant to provide an opportunity for aspiring players across various games. We’re happy to have ecosystem partners like LG Ultragear and Corsair join and support this initiative.”

ZOTAC Cup Valorant South Asia and Southeast Asia Prize Pool

The upcoming event will feature a prize pool of $15,000 USD. In addition to their share of the prize pool, the MVP of the event will receive an NVIDIA RTX 3060 graphics card.

ZOTAC Cup Valorant South Asia and Southeast Asia: Schedule

Southeast Asia Open Qualifiers: 9th January 2022 onwards

South Asia Open Qualifiers: 9th January 2022 onwards

Grand Finals: 27th January 2022

ZOTAC Cup Valorant South Asia and Southeast Asia: Where to Watch

Players can watch the playoffs live at TheEsportsClub’s official YouTube channel.

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