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TenZ Might Leave Sentinels After Valorant Champions Tour 2023

Abhimannu Das
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TenZ is the only player at Sentinels with a one-year contract and he may leave after the 2023 season.
The player was very impactful in 2021 but Sentinels could not reach the same level of success in 2022.
He still has the drive to compete and Sentinels' new roster might give him the opportunity to shine once again.

Sentinels has completely reshaped its Valorant roster but Tyson "TenZ" Ngo continues to be the unwavering pillar of the team. He has re-signed with the team for another season and it looks like the player has signed a new one-year contract after which he might leave the team. His teammates at Sentinels have been signed for two years while TenZ is here until the end of the 2023 competitive season. After having an explosive start to his career at Sentinels, the team couldn’t quite replicate its success from 2021. We might see TenZ join a new team or continue his streaming career once the next competitive season comes to an end.

Sentinels needs to make 2023 count

Four new players have joined Sentinels for its 2023 campaign. Zachary “zekken” Patrone, Rory “dephh” Jackson, Gustavo “Sacy” Rossi and Bryan “pANcada” Luna have joined Sentinels for the franchised league next year. Sentinels has also hired coach Don “SyykoNT” Muir until the 2023 season. The only other player who is staying at Sentinels, aside from TenZ is Hunter “SicK” Mims, who is the sixth player on the squad.

TenZ is hopeful about the new roster and in an interview with Sentinels content creator Tarik "tarik" Celik, he said “The recent results don’t show exactly who I am as a player. Hopefully, I can show the form I was in before.” He still has the thirst to compete and wants to prove himself to the world.

TenZ started his Valorant career at Cloud9 and wanted to call it quits and focus on streaming instead. But Jay “Sinatraa” Won needed to be replaced by Sentinels due to controversies surrounding the player and TenZ had stepped in temporarily. He helped the team secure two Masters wins in the same year and it made headlines everywhere.

TenZ was regarded as the best Valorant player out there throughout 2021 and do not let his tournament results in recent times fool you. He is still one of the best and with the right team, he might be able to go back to his winning ways. But unfortunately, Sentinels has not been up to the mark in recent international events and the new and revamped roster could be what TenZ needs to succeed.

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