Tencent Restricted From Updating Its Apps or Launching New Apps in China

Abhimannu Das
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The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has restricted Tencent from updating its apps and games until further notice.
Tencent is working with Chinese authorities overseeing “compliance inspections.”
The publisher's apps and games will continue to work for now and their current versions can be downloaded from official sources.

The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has directed app stores and platforms in the country to restrict Tencent’s existing and future apps. As long as the suspension is in place, Tencent will not be able to update its existing apps or release new ones as per the government order. It is unknown how long the suspension will last as the Chinese government has not revealed any details on why Tencent was restricted on the app stores and other platforms.

Tencent’s apps will continue to function normally for the time being

The suspended Tencent apps include WeChat, QQ, Tencent Video and more. The publisher revealed that the current version of the apps will continue to be available on the respective app stores and users can download and use the apps normally. However, updates have been halted and new Tencent apps cannot be published. China Star Market reports that Tencent is currently working with authorities that are overseeing “compliance inspections.”

China’s Personal Information Protection Law went into effect on 1st November 2021 and regulatory authorities have commenced supervision of user data of various publishers. The law has added strict regulations for personal data security that can restrict cross-border data transfers and affects how companies operate within China with regards to its data management and use. Currently, Tencent has over 70 apps to its name and more than 100 games by Tencent Mobile Games that have been affected by the suspension.

Tencent said in an official statement “We are continuously working to enhance user protection features within our apps, and also have regular cooperation with relevant government agencies to ensure regulatory compliance. Our apps remain functional and available for download.”

China’s tech sector is under scrutiny by the country’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The Data Security Law that was implemented this September requires firms to undergo security assessments in order to gain approval for sending user data overseas. It is unknown how long Tencent will be restricted from updating or launching apps in the country’s app stores but if it clears all compliance checks with the authorities, it should be able to resume its operations normally.

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