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Team Envy Valorant Coach Mikes Leaves After Not Being Offered Contract for “Months”

Abhimannu Das
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Valorant coach Michael ‘Mikes’ Hockom announced on Twitter that he is no longer a part of Team Envy.
He revealed that he was not offered a contract for a coaching position despite being a part of the organization since June 2021.
Team Envy founder and Chief Gaming Officer Mike ‘hastr0’ Rufail acknowledged the lack of communication and delay in the signing process.

Valorant coach Michael "Mikes" Hockom revealed on Twitter that he will be leaving Team Envy after waiting for months to receive a contract from the organization. Hockom joined Team Envy in June 2021 and was part of the organization’s recent success in Valorant esports events, especially in Stage 3 of the Valorant Champions Tour. Team Envy knocked out tournament favorites Sentinels at Valorant Masters Berlin, and it had a memorable run all the way until the grand finals.

While Envy did not win Masters Berlin, the team has qualified for Valorant Champions nonetheless and will be competing for the world championship later this year. Mikes will not be a part of Envy at the upcoming event and he is currently open to coaching positions in other organizations.

Mikes reveals his experience with Team Envy

In a series of tweets Mikes revealed that after waiting for three months for a contract to be completed and a “concerning lack of communication from the org” on the matter, he has decided to no longer work with Team Envy. He was appreciative of Envy giving him a chance and the former coach is now looking for new opportunities. He wished Envy the best and is excited to see how the team grows in the future.

Team Envy founder and Chief Gaming Officer Mike "hastr0" Rufail tweeted out his response to the situation and confirmed that there was indeed a lack of communication between the coach and the organization. Rufail revealed that when Mikes joined the team, the management was still in the process of determining the coaching structure alongside deciding the role of the former coach. He said that the team was not sure if there was the need for a coach, an analyst or both. Envy eventually decided to assign Mikes as an Analyst for the remainder of season 2021 as well as season 2022.

He admitted that the process to offer a contract to Mikes was “too slow too late” and acknowledged that Envy should have been faster at communicating with Mikes. He wished the former coach the best in his next position and said that Envy shall try to maintain the “same expeditiousness for all of our contract signings.”

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