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Street Fighter Pro Robinho Banned After Sharing Rape Story on Stream

Abhimannu Das
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Brazilian fighting game pro Robson "Robinho" Pereira made a few alarming claims on stream about raping a former partner with eight other individuals.
He later took back what he said and now claims that the story was a "joke."
His team PATOZ has cut ties with him and he has also been barred from playing in Capcom tournaments.

Brazilian fighting game pro Robson "Robinho" Pereira claimed on stream that he and eight other individuals raped his former partner after he found that she had multiple relations with other men before him. After making the disturbing claims, he removed the VOD and claimed that the entire statement was a joke.

The player has since been banned from all Capcom-related events including the Capcom Cup, Capcom-Pro Tour, Street Fighter League and almost all other FGC events in Brazil.

Robinho’s teams has cut all ties with the player

The PATOZ team that Robinho played for has removed the player from the team and the Capcom Pro Tour has completely eliminated any mention of him on the website.

Following the outrage on social media, Robinho took down the VOD of his stream. However, clips and snippets of the stream have been circulating all over the internet.

In a statement to, Robinho claimed that the entire story was made up and that it was a “joke.” He told the news outlet that it was a story that he made up on the spot. He said that people are distorting what he said and that it has led to the player being banned from the Capcom Cup.

He also claimed that the incident took place when he was 13 and his former partner was 15, but everything beyond the part where he said she was drunk has been fabricated according to the player.

Robinho's claims in either case are still yet to be verified. But regardless of intent, the story is alarming and unacceptable even if it was meant to be a joke.

After the alarming incident, Robinho will not be competing in the Capcom Cup which is set to take place in February 2022. Robinho had qualified for the Capcom Cup VIII via the South American qualifiers. It is unknown what further repercussions the player will undergo for his actions.

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