SPS New State Mobile Open India Point System Updated


SPS New State Mobile Open India Point System Updated to Combat Heal Battle Meta

The remaining stages could present more action-packed matches!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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ESL India has updated the points system for the ongoing SPS New State Mobile Open India.
The placement points have undergone a change which effectively combats the current heal battle meta being implemented by teams.
This could have a significant impact in the upcoming stages of the tournament which are scheduled to take place on LAN.

The currently ongoing Snapdragon Pro Series New State Mobile Open India could get even more exciting for the final two stages of the tournament, Challenger Finale and Grand Finale, because of an update to the points system announced by ESL India that directly combats the 'heal battle' meta currently being used by multiple teams.

This change only impacts the placement point system that was being implemented for the New State Mobile tournament while keeping the finish point system as it is, one frag granting one point.

The point system update strongly discourages teams from playing it safe in order to attain a better overall placement by constantly healing themselves, which should make for more exciting overall gameplay in the upcoming stages.

SPS New State Mobile Open India undergoes a points system update to make the game more exciting

In the absence of BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) other competitive mobile games, Pokemon Unite and New State Mobile, have started to witness significant growth within India.

ESL India and NODWIN Gaming have come together to host the biggest New State Mobile tournament in India, featuring a total prize pool of INR 1,00,00,000 and some of the best teams from across the country.

Already three stages of the competition have concluded, now shifting to an offline phase which will be taking place from 26th to 29th January as the final 24 teams take on each other to crown a champion.

The competition has been tough but the quality of gameplay has not been aggressive enough to the liking of many across the Indian mobile gaming community. A particular defensive type of meta has been the go-to plan for most teams, promoting a more passive gameplay where most players hold back and play for positioning rather than frags as it grants them fairly more points.

To combat this 'heal battle' meta where most teams wait out the round timer outside the zone by constantly healing themselves which is a rather regressive style of playing the game, the organizers have updated the points system by readjusting the placement points.

SPS New State Mobile Open India - New Placement Points System

The earlier placement points system was as follows,

  • 1st - 15 points

  • 2nd - 12 points

  • 3rd - 10 points

  • 4th - 8 points

  • 5th - 6 points

  • 6th - 4 points

  • 7th- 2 points

  • 8th to 12th - 1 points

  • 13th to 16th - 0 points

The biggest difference straight off the bat is that unlike before where the top 12 teams were awarded placement points, now only the top eight teams will be scored. This automatically forces teams to engage in skirmishes more frequently to secure a spot for themselves.

Also, the maximum points awarded have also been lowered from 15 to just 10 for the team finishing first, taking the priority away from a first-place finish while simultaneously encouraging teams to go for more finish points.

This change in the points system was gladly welcomed by members of the mobile gaming community and could have an impact on how the teams perform on LAN in the two remaining stages.

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