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Snip3down Retires From Halo, Might Return to Apex Legends Soon

Abhimannu Das
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Snip3down is expected to stay in FaZe Clan and compete in Apex Legends moving forward.
He will compete with Albralelie and SlurpeeG next year at the Apex Legends Global Series.
FaZe Clan is yet to make an official announcement but the Apex Legends roster was leaked by Snip3down himself.

When Halo Infinite dropped, Eric “Snip3down” Wrona announced that he would be leaving competitive Apex Legends to make a return to Halo. He is one of the most decorated Halo players with over two major event wins. He has secured championships at Major League Gaming and Halo Championship series and has been competing since 2008.

Snip3down has earned over $1.5 Million USD from Halo esports

Snip3down is not only one of the most successful Halo players of all time but he was also a part of TSM’s Apex Legends squad which was regarded by many as the best in the world during the first two years of release. Snip3down had mentioned that he wanted to return to competitive Apex Legends on numerous occasions and had even played several casual tournaments during his time with Halo Infinite.

His short stint with Halo Infinite ended with a top-six finish at the recent Orlando Major as well as a top-eight finish at the world championship. With over $1.5 Million USD to his name from competitive Halo alone, very few players will be able to surpass him.

The player has had a love-hate relationship with competitive Halo recently. With 343 Industries taking away the crowdfunding proceedings from the world championship and putting it into growing the esports scene, fans and pro players were upset over the decision. Snip3down said on Twitter that he would not have left Apex Legends if he knew about this change. He said that he regrets his decision, and other pros also criticized the organizers.

The Apex Legends Global Series is set to kick off again next year and Snip3down is returning to the game. He himself leaked the roster on stream earlier this year and he will be staying with FaZe Clan but now he will be in the Apex Legends division. TSM’s Mac Kenzie "Albralelie" Beckwith and SlurpeeG are expected to be a part of the roster. An official announcement is pending but we can expect to hear from FaZe Clan once the team announcements for next year’s Global Series start rolling in.

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