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Snax Reveals He Won't Be Playing BGMS Season 2

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Snax reveals the reasons for not playing BGMS Season 2.
Snax has formed his own team to play in the BGIS.
Snax also missed last year's BGMS Season 1 due to an injury.

Raj “Snax” Varma is a Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Esports athlete, content creator and streamer. He has played for various teams including Team IND and Team XO. He is also well known for his DP-28 Burst sprays and his mechanical skills.

After missing Battlegrounds Mobile India Master Series (BGMS) Season 1 last year due to an injury, everyone was curious about Snax’s unavailability in BGMS Season 2. In a recent live stream, Snax revealed the reasons behind not playing BGMS Season 2, his future in esports, and his newly formed team.

Snax reveals reason behind not playing BGMS Season 2

Raj "Snax" Varma

Snax is a well known name among the BGMI Esports athletes and the Indian Gaming community. His ability to master different types of weapons makes him an excellent player. His mechanical skills and game sense are unmatched. But despite his prowess within the game Snax seemed hesitant.

While talking to his viewers Snax revealed that,“ I would be playing BGMI after 1 year. Joining a team directly after a year long break to play BGMS Season 2 would be unfair on that team as well as on myself .”

He also said,“ The teams playing in BGMS Season 2 have been grinding throughout BGMI’s ban period and to join them and break their coordination and momentum isn't fair. I received offers from 2 orgs to play BGMS Season 2 and BGIS as well. I refused those offers because of similar reasons and also It will take time to reach the skill set of the current BGMI athletes."

Snax said that if he plays BGMS Season 2 his fans will have a lot of expectations from him and he didn't want to disappoint them. He also said that he wants to bring back his old form and skills by grinding with his newly formed team.

Snax also revealed that he has formed his own team named Team Snax, consisting of former players from Team IND and he would be practicing with them for the time being. He is currently playing in Week 3 of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) as his team managed to qualify.

It is to be noted that last year ahead of BGMS Season 1 Snax had fractured his arm while arm wrestling with his fellow teammates and as a result of this he missed out on playing the BGMS Season 1 LAN event.

Fans are expecting a good performance from Snax and his team in BGIS as he is back with his former teammates, with whom he had achieved quite a lot of success.

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