SkRossi Shares His Valorant Success Story In Global Esports Documentary


SkRossi Shares His Rise to Valorant Stardom in New Global Esports Feature

Now this was a story worth documenting.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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One day before Global Esports is scheduled to go against Team Vitality in the VCT 2023: LOCK//IN São Paulo, the Indian esports organization has dropped a quality documentary chronicling the life of Ganesh "SkRossi" Gangadhar from being a nobody to becoming the face of Valorant in India.

The documentary provides viewers with the context of his socio-economic conditions which resulted in a lot of struggle for SkRossi and his family, how he got introduced to gaming, characters who supported him along the way, why he entered Valorant, introduction to Global Esports, and all other pieces that came together to create the big picture.

SkRossi dialogue in Global Esports documentary

Here is what we learned from 'The Story of SkRossi' by Global Esports

The star Valorant player from India, SkRossi comes from a very humble background. Despite facing harsh circumstances, financial struggles, and having a tough childhood, he made the best of whatever was available.

"We started from nothing when my mom and dad married. There was no kitchen, no room, there was nothing. Basically, we were just living in one small box - My mom, dad, two of my sisters, and I," says SkRossi, explaining his condition from the bygone days.

Born with a competitive drive, SkRossi showed from a very young age that he was a quick learner once his mind got fixated on achieving something.

"I took part in most of the school competitions and won many of them. I enjoy the hard work I put in to win. So my connection with trophies and competitiveness is since childhood," shares SkRossi.

Always spending time in the company of kids elder than him resulted in his introduction to 'cybercafe', where his love for gaming was born.

"I don't think I got interested in the game. I think I was interested in the atmosphere that all of them had and how they were enjoying, shouting, and laughing," reveals SkRossi.

He soon started gaming, excelled in it really fast and was soon the best player in his local cybercafe. To continue his climb up the ladder, SkRossi now wanted to be the best player in Bangalore, so he struck a deal with a local cybercafe - LXG (League of Extraordinary Gamers).

From here on out there was no stopping SkRossi who kept grinding and soon caught the attention of a local team to compete in CS:GO. With complete support from his parents, he kept moving up the ranks rubbing shoulders with influential teammates like Jayanth "skillZ" Ramesh and Agneya "Marzil" Koushik.

"Marzil gave me great guidance in life. He shaped me into a really good human being. I played with him and we performed really well," explains SkRossi.

In 2020, Valorant released and SkRossi made the jump, soon gaining massive popularity with Jett and earning the monicker of 'Indian Jett', while also becoming the second radiant ranked player from the country.

SkRossi on playing with Jett

Dedicating his time to Valorant, SkRossi reached out to Bhavin "HellrangeR" Kotwani and the rest was history as they were all signed by Global Esports. There was no stopping the player after this point, he started streaming to connect with the audience and even competed internationally along with the team.

"I've proved a point in India. Now, I just have one goal. I want to go on international stages, play there and get the experience. Then, I want to start winning and give my 100%. I want to make my country proud because there has been no one from our country who has gone out, played really well, and achieved a lot," says SkRossi, "Enough of worshipping foreign idols and teams. It's time to follow Indian players and teams."

Now up against their ultimate test, SkRossi along with Global Esports has entered a whole different league of Valorant and will be seen in its first-ever international appearance, taking on the French representatives Team Vitality.

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