SicK Upset With AYRIN Over His Tweet: "He is being disrespectful"

Just his stress speaking or was there actually some problem?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Sick Upset With Ayrin Over His Tweet
During a recent Twitch livestream, SicK expressed that he was upset with AYRIN and called him out over his recent Tweet.
AYRIN had earlier publicly clarified that his Tweet was not directed towards any particular player and was just a general statement.
SicK also mentioned that he was not going to speak to AYRIN because he was being disrespectful towards him.

North American Valorant player, Hunter "SicK" Mims, is in a tough spot facing a lot of stress across his personal and professional life. He had earlier called out both Riot Games and Sentinels management for not allowing him to enter the venue for the VCT 2023: LOCK//IN Sao Paulo, despite being a part of the team's active roster.

Apart from this, SicK had also faced a lot of criticism for allegedly being unfaithful to his former partner, prompting him to provide a response from his side and speaking against a few people.

Amidst this chaos, SicK during a recent livestream spoke against Jordan "AYRIN" He - IGL of Global Esports, calling him out over a Tweet and for supposedly sending a personal message which he did not appreciate.

"Why is he tweeting about me bro? Why is he saying something about me, he doesn't know bro? I'm being honest, back off bro," says SicK, adding that he was was going to unfollow AYRIN on Twitter and not speak to him because he was being disrespectful.

SicK upset with AYRIN calls him out during a Twitch livestream

The shotcaller for Global Esports, AYRIN, seems to have upset SicK over a Tweet which according to him was not directed towards the player. Earlier today on 1st March, AYRIN had made a Tweet stating "I feel sometimes we act like we got a stick stuck in our rear. Just take a breath, give someone a hug and be grateful for the the things/people around ya."

Many players and talents from the Valorant community reacted to this in a light hearted manner but there was some confusion about whether this was targeted towards SicK or not.

A community member asked AYRIN to clarify his statement, whether it was meant for the general public or was it intended for SicK, so that no unnecessary drama was created.

Responding to this, AYRIN clearly mentioned that it was not directed towards the North American player and was just pointing out in general how people get lost at times and forget what is truly important to them.

AYRIN provides clarification about his Tweet

However, SicK during a recent livestream on Twitch, expressed his disappointment with AYRIN who allegedly messaged the player personally and mentioned among other things that they do not talk to each other.

SicK proceeded to call him out, questioning why AYRIN would Tweet about him if he does not know him personally, "I am not going to speak to this person. He is being disrespectful. I'm going to delete his message and I'm not reading the rest."

The 24-year-old goes on to mention that he needs to protect himself and does not want any negativity in his life, "Why didn't he just message me bro? Making it public, things that are not true."

AYRIN has not directly responded to any of the accusations made by SicK and has even publicly denied that the Tweet made by him was intended for the player.

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