Sentinels’ Financial Woes Continue, Seeks Crowdfunding on StartEngine

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Sentinels is looking to raise $1.2 Million USD in funding to manage operational expenses for the next four or five months.
The organization is spending approximately $700,000 USD every month.

According to esports organization Sentinels' StartEngine crowdfunding page, the company is currently grappling with financial challenges attributed to substantial expenditures on player, staff, and content creator salaries. Sentinels, embarked on its listing journey on the investor crowdfunding platform StartEngine on 4th August, following a successful testing phase. Notably, the company garnered substantial interest during the initial phase, with over 100 individual investors reserving shares.

Sentinels incurs around $700,000 USD monthly

This listing opportunity provides fans with the option to invest their own funds in exchange for ownership stakes in Sentinels, accompanied by various perks. The perks are contingent on the speed and amount of the fans' investments. However, there are some concerns that arise when looking at the funding page. The section labeled "Liquidity and Capital Resources" indicates that the company is at risk of financial strain if it fails to secure substantial funding.

The company's financial viability is contingent on multiple factors. In the scenario where the minimum offering amount is raised and additional capital isn't procured from either existing shareholders or external sources, Sentinels estimates that it can sustain operations for a period of two or three months. If the maximum funding goal of over $1.2 million USD is achieved, the company foresees an extended operational timeframe of four to five months.

The offering memorandum delves into the allocation of funds, revealing that Sentinels incurs approximately $700,000 on a monthly basis. These expenses encompass player, staff, and content creator salaries, as well as inventory for merchandise. The organization, renowned for its presence in esports, manages three esports teams under its brand in popular titles like Valorant, Halo, and Apex Legends. Additionally, Sentinels has enlisted the services of four content creators: Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik, Daphne ’39daph’ Wai, Brandon ‘Aceu’ Winn, and Jared ‘Zombs’ Gitlin.

In tandem with the crowdfunding endeavor, Sentinels has taken further steps to engage its fan base. On 17th May, the organization introduced the "Sen Society," a subscription service for fans.

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