Rushindra Sinha Revealed That Global Esports Had a Meeting With an IPL Team

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Global Esports CEO Rushindra Sinha revealed that the management team of Global Esports had a meeting with an IPL franchise team.
However, he did not reveal the reason behind it and which team it was out of all ten teams from IPL.

In a recent livestream, founder and CEO of Global Esports Rushindra Sinha was casually chatting with his audience and replying to their questions. During this session, the founder of the organization revealed that the management team of Global Esports had a meeting with an Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise team. However, he refrained from sharing any more details about this meeting.

Global Esports recently became the only South Asian esports organization to earn a franchise slot in the Valorant International League. It also fielded a ten-player roster for the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour (VCT 2023) Kick-Off Tournament and will soon be moving to its bootcamp in South Korea.

Global Esports might be in talks with an IPL team

Since the announcement of the Valorant International League franchise teams, the organization has been attracting a ton of eyes from various brands for sponsorship purposes. Likewise, Sinha revealed that Global Esports had a meeting with an IPL team. However, he did not reveal which team it was out of all ten teams from IPL nor the reason behind it.

After hearing this, one of Sinha’s viewers asked him whether the meeting was regarding a title sponsor for Global Esports in the Valorant International League. Responding to this, Sinha straight up denied it and said, “No. Don’t worry. We will not do any such things.”

In a previous livestream, Sinha and Gary “MiokeN” Chiu already revealed that many brands had approached Global Esports for sponsorship purposes. “After the slot announcement, once the news was public, and once everyone knew, a lot of brands approached us for sponsorship. I can’t mention it on the stream, but a lot,” said Sinha. Following this, MiokeN revealed that a Bollywood entity also approached the organization for sponsorship, but he abstained from revealing further. He said, “There are some in Bollywood, and they want us. That is all you will get.”

IPL is India’s most popular T20 franchise cricket league, which features ten teams based on Indian cities and states. It is the most-attended cricket league and the sixth-most-attended sports league by average attendance across the world.

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