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Rocket League Esports Shop Update Drops Today

Abhimannu Das
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Rocket League's esports shop is set to go live on 5th October 2021 to support RLCS 2021.
The items sold in the esports shop will support the participating teams and also add to the prize pool of this year's world championship.
The price of each participating team's home kit is set at 300 Esports Coins (approximately $2.50 USD).

To celebrate the launch of the new season of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) which will kick off on 15th October, Psyonix is updating the Esports Shop for fans. The new esports shop update goes live on 5th October at 4 PM PT (11 PM UTC). The esports shop is being refreshed with 34 new team decals from teams across the globe. This is the first time that South American and Oceanic esports teams are being represented in the esports shop and Rocket League (RL) players will be able to get their hands on “Home Kits” to show support for their favorite teams. Here is everything you need to know about the new Rocket League Esports Shop update.

What is the esports shop in Rocket League?

The esports shop is a special digital store inside Rocket League that allows players to purchase in-game cosmetics for their favorite teams. Each pro team that is present in the RLCS Esports Shop will receive 30% of the revenue from all cosmetics designed for the respective team. An additional undisclosed amount from the revenue will be used to boost the prize pool of this season’s RLCS event.

Rocket League Esports Shop: Participating Teams

Home Kits that will be sold in the RL Esports Shop have been designed by the teams themselves and they can be purchased for 300 Esports Tokens ($2.50 USD) each. Here are all of the teams who will have their Home Kits available in the Rocket League shop:


  • Dignitas

  • Endpoint

  • Vodafone Giants

  • Guild Esports

  • Karmine Corp


  • SMPR Esports

  • SK Gaming

  • Solary

  • Team BDS

  • Team Liquid

  • Team Queso

  • Team Singularity

  • Team Vitality

North America:

  • Envy

  • eUnited

  • Evil Geniuses

  • FaZe Clan

  • G2 Esports

  • Ghost Gaming

  • NRG

  • Pittsburgh Knights

  • Shopify Rebellion

  • Rogue

  • SpaceStation Gaming

  • Susquehanna Soniqs

  • Torrent

  • True Neutral

  • Version1

  • XSET


  • Ground Zero Gaming

  • Renegades

South America

  • Furia

PWR is also set to join the RLCS this year but it is unknown which region it will be competing from.

How to purchase Rocket League Esports Coins

RL esports coins will be purchasable from the shop, accessible from the game’s main menu. It follows a different pricing structure than other premium currencies in the game. Here is a pricing breakdown of available esports coin bundles:

  • 100 Tokens for $0.99

  • 600 Tokens for $4.99

  • 1200 Tokens for $9.99

  • 2500 Tokens for $19.99

A Home Kit for each team will cost you 300 tokens which is worth approximately $2.50 USD.

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