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Riot Games Suspends Krea6on For Sexist Remarks Against Streamer

Abhimannu Das
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Riot Games has suspended Lithuanian pro player Vilius "krea6oN" Malinauskas for making sexist remarks against T1 content creator Karagii.
After his actions were made public on Twitter Riot initiated an investigation and banned from the competitive circuit.
Krea6on has been barred from competing in the Valorant Champions Tour until the end of Stage Two.

Lithuanian player Vilius "krea6oN" Malinauskas has been banned for the entirety of Stage Two by Riot Games after passing sexist remarks during a ranked Valorant game. Krea6on is an inactive member of Tundra Esports and he was also a part of Alliance last year. His actions were brought to light by T1 content creator “Karagii” (Carol), who posted a clip of an interaction between her and Krea6on.

Krea6on “joked” about the skill gap between male and female players in Valorant

Krea6on was matchmade into the same lobby as Karagii, who was streaming at the same. Krea6on said that men are better than women in Valorant and he also called the streamer a “bitch.”

Karagii posted the clip of the interaction between the two players and members of the community wanted Riot to take action against Krea6on. Riot Games investigated the matter and found out that Krea6on violated multiple competitive guidelines in its competition policy.

Offensive comments made on the basis of gender or race are in direct violation of the standards expected of players who are part of the competitive Valorant circuit. Accordingly, Krea6on is suspended from all official Valorant esports competitions until 25th July 2022, which is the end of Stage 2. Any subsequent violations of this policy will result in increased penalties including suspension and forfeiture of prize money.

According to the official competitive ruling, “Vilius "krea6oN" Malinauskas violated the VALORANT Code of Conduct section of the Global Competition Policy. This section mandates that players observe the highest standards of personal integrity and professional behavior at all times. As a result, Krea6on is suspended from all official VALORANT esports competitions for the duration of Stage 2.”

The player broke rules 7.3.1, 7.3.4 & 7.3.6 of the Global Competition Policy. He has been found buildy of vulgar and hateful speech (7.3.1), harassment (7.3.4) and discrimination and denigration (7.3.6). The ban means that Krea6on will not be able to compete in the Valorant Champions Tour circuit at all in 2022 as there is no Stage Three this year.

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