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Riot Games Shuts Down Rumors of New Valorant Agent Being Teased in Music Video

Abhimannu Das
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Riot Games' new 'Fire Again' music video does not feature a new agent despite a lot of players claiming it does.
The smoky figure that many have mistaken for the next agent is actually Sage.
The initial claims were shut down by Riot Games’ Eric Margusity.

After the 'Fire Again' music video went live on the official Valorant YouTube channel, a lot of players started speculating that a new agent was hidden within the video. Riot Games has a history of including teasers within its trailers and music videos for upcoming content, but it looks like the players are wrong about the next Valorant agent being teased in the new Fire Again video.

The “new agent” in Fire Again is actually Sage

A lot of players put on their tinfoil hats and assumed that a character that looks like a ball of smoke in the new Fire Again video is “Varun Batra”, who is expected to be the next agent. Riot Games’ Eric Margusity, the global creative director on Valorant Esports clarified that it is not the new agent in the video, but it is actually Sage.

We are likely to get more information about the next agent at Valorant Champions, which is set to commence next month. A new email in the firing range reveals that the keeper of Legion’s new power source is Varun Batra. His Alpha counterpart happens to be a REALM operative, who is responsible for recovering historical artifacts from black market trades. The email questions why an antiquities expert is working with Legion.

A lot of players are speculating that Varun, which is the name of a rain god in Hindu mythology, might be capable of conjuring water. We already have agents capable of manipulating fire and wind, and the addition of another agent who controls water is definitely a plausible idea.

There are currently six Duelists and five Initiators in the game which means that the Controller and Sentinel roles are the most likely to get the next agent. Both roles have currently four agents each and the addition of an agent to either of the less populated roles would be welcome.

Fans should keep an eye out in-game and on Riot Games’ social media posts for more teasers, as they are likely to contain more hints about the next agent. With the next major content update set to drop around 24th August, Riot Games might drop more information about the agent.

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