Riot Games Shares the Wildest Theories by Valorant Fans

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Valorant Fan Theories


Valorant fans have come up with some wild theories that were shared by Riot Games developers.
The latest community spotlight highlighted theories about the Valorant multiverse and how agents are perceived in different universes.
One fan thinks that Sage might be sacrificing lives in other universes to resurrect her allies.

Riot Games likes to share content created by the community from time to time in its Community Spotlight series. The publisher has shared everything from artwork to lore over the years but this time around, Riot decided to do something different. It shared some of the wildest fan theories that the Valorant community has come up with and some of them are quite interesting while others are outright hilarious. Here’s a look at what was shared by Riot Games in its latest Community Spotlight post.

The most believable fan theories in Valorant

Valorant community member Sadie’s theory is that since these Agents are famous in Omega Earth, Legion's code names are different from their usual call signs. For example, Sabine Callas within Legion's walls is called “Pandemic,” but is known famously as Viper, Chamber as Deadeye, etc

This is a sound theory as Riot has different call signs for its unreleased agents within the game files. With the same people living in different realities, it is possible that they have different agent names.

Community member Sir Jeppy revealed that Sage gets her life from alternate realities unknowingly. Omen has even questioned whether Sage really knows where she gets it from and she seems to be unaware. How awful would it be to think you’re ‘healing’ people but also killing people in an entirely alternate reality.

This is a very believable theory as even Sage does not know how her powers work. With the multiverse being a reality in the world of Valorant, it is possible that Sage simply brings back fallen agents to life at the expense of another life being lost.

While these are some plausible theories, fans went a little too wild with some of the other ones. Riptide30125 shared that the younger Agents decided to make a tier list based on what Agents referred to themselves as. After going through the individual references, such as Cypher being Prometheus, Sage a mountain, KAY/O a toaster, etc. they moved on to how Agents roasted others. Neon brought up the excellent point of ‘If Chamber gets Brimstone ulted, doesn't that make him a french fry?’

There are some other theories highlighted by fans as well. You can check them out in the official Community Spotlight post by Riot Games.

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