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Riot Games Reveals VCT Masters Berlin Schedule

Abhimannu Das
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VCT Masters Berlin's schedule has been officially revealed, and the event will kick off on 10th September.
With Bren Esports being unable to compete, Group D is being reworked to a double round-robin format.
Bren Esports will still receive the appropriate VCT Circuit Points and prize money for qualifying for the event.

Riot Games revealed that Valorant Masters Berlin will kick off next week on 10th September. The event will run all the way until 19th September. The official schedule for the entire event is now available. Not all teams that qualified for the event will be participating at VCT Masters Berlin, with Bren Esports being unable to acquire visas in time to attend the event. The Filipino esports organization faced complications when acquiring visas for its players, and Riot Games will be changing the format of the event. The team will be awarded 175 VCT points and the associated prize for qualifying for the event.

VCT Masters Berlin: Format

With Bren Esports being unable to compete, Group D’s format has been changed to a double round-robin format and two teams will still qualify for top eight. The group stage will start on 10th September and will continue until 16th September, with eight teams heading into a single-elimination bracket. The quarter-finals of the event will commence on 17th September and the grand finals will take place on 19th September.

The first three days of competition will feature the following matches:

Day One – 10 September

  • B2: KRU Esports vs ZETA Division

  • C1: Gambit Esports vs Crazy Racoon

  • D1: F4Q vs G2

Day Two – 11 September

  • B1: Envy vs Vivo Keyd

  • A1: Vision Strikers vs Paper Rex

  • C2: 100 Thieves vs Havan Liberty

Day Three – 12 September

  • D2: Sentinels vs G2

  • A2: SuperMassive Blaze vs Acend

  • Winners of C1 vs C2

Day Four - 13 September

  • B3: Winners of B1 vs B2

  • A3: Winners of A1 vs A2

  • D3: F4Q vs Sentinels

Day Five - 14 September

  • D4: F4Q vs G2 Esports

  • B4: Losers of B1 vs B2

  • C4: Losers of C1 vs C2

Day Six - 15 September

  • A4: Losers of A1 vs A2

  • D5: G2 vs Sentinels

  • B5: Losers of B3 vs B4

Day Seven - 16 September

  • A5: Losers of A3 vs A4

  • C5: Losers of C3 vs C4

  • D6: Sentinels vs F4Q

Day Eight - 17 September

  • Quarterfinals

Day Nine - 18 September

  • Semifinals

Day Ten - 19 September

  • Finals

The winners of the event will earn a spot at Valorant Champions, other participating teams will receive:

· 2nd place – 375 Circuit Points

· 3rd – 4th – 325 Circuit Points

· 5th – 8th – 275 Circuit Points

· 9th – 12th – 225 Circuit Points

· 13th – 16th - 175 Circuit Points

Bren Esports will also receive 175 Circuit Points despite being unable to compete. The team will also be awarded the prize money earned for qualifying for Stage 3 Masters.

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