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Riot Games Reveals Massive UI Changes Coming to Valorant Patch 5.08

Abhimannu Das
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Valorant's patch 5.08 will add a new MVP screen, user interface changes, and more.
Changes to the game engine and the overall aesthetics of Valorant are also coming.
The goal of these changes is to reduce as much visual clutter as possible from the game.

Riot Games is working on a ton of user interface changes that are coming in the next Valorant patch. Even beyond patch 5.08, there will be UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) changes intended at improving player experience and adding more functionality. There will be more statistics screens that display information about you and your team’s performance. There is a new MVP (Most Valuable Player) screen as well to highlight the best player in each match.

What’s new in Valorant patch 5.08?

Some of the changes the developer (dev) team had in mind have already been implemented since patch 5.03. Starting with patch 5.08, players will get a new lobby, pre-match loading screen, and End of Game screens with designs meant to improve legibility.

Some of the long-term changes coming to the game include:

  • Improved game flow screens

  • Improved design consistency

  • Building game engine enhancements

  • Improved game client

  • Broad style explorations at a high level to test key assumptions

  • Improvement to game aesthetics

Riot Games’ UX Design Manager Tea Chang revealed, “We want you to understand the importance of the team aspect of VALORANT. This new, bold team shot helps to show off your team's MVP and your team composition while reinforcing the emotional narrative coming out of your most recent game—win or lose.”

The devs want to remove visual clutter and improve the overall readability of the Lobby screen. A lot of decorative elements will be removed from the game and we will see a much simpler UI across all important menus. Players can expect more updates and iterations that bring motion design and overarching visual polish throughout the game.

Multiple Valorant dev teams are in the process of redefining the user experience and visual fidelity of many features. Any and all new features hoping to ship this year will be developed under the “new visual direction with room for additional enhancement.” The first bout of changes will be available with patch 5.08 which should go live later this month or in early November.

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