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Riot Games Responds to Backlash About Lack of Replay System in Valorant

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It looks like a replay system is coming to Valorant after all with a developer clarifying concerns over the previous Ask Valorant blog.
Riot Games had previously stated that a replay system is not in the works and there are no plans to implement one.
Fans were upset over the lack of a replay system because the developers had previously promised its addition back in 2020.

In the previous edition of the ‘Ask Valorant’ blog, Riot Games addressed community requests including a gifting system, map bans, and a replay system. Currently, there is no replay system that allows players to review their matches and the Valorant community has been asking for the feature to be implemented since the game’s release.

Riot Games revealed last week that it had no plans to add the feature, and it immediately led to complaints from fans. Following the feedback, Riot has seemingly changed its mind about the matter and has promised to implement the feature in the future but there is no known release date as of now.

When is a replay system coming to Valorant?

Riot Games development team member Arnar Hrafn Gylfason revealed in a post on Twitter, “we want in-game replays, they will happen but are taking longer than we want— can’t give you anymore than that yet. I know it felt like there is a general lack of visibility, but I spent this week looking at what's coming in ep5 and ep6 and I'm excited to see the next map getting close to ready, dm changes, balance passes for multiple agents, new mode work and of course how close the tournament system is to an internal beta.”

There is “more” than just the replay system in the works according to Gylfason and the dev team will reveal more details in the future. Currently, Riot Games cannot reveal its development timelines as the upcoming features are still in development.

He clarified that the developers are “suiper passionate” about the game but things are taking longer to implement. The team intends to share things more openly and frequently so there is transparency between the developers and the community.

The response was much needed as Riot Games had previously stated that it has no plans for a player-facing version of the replay system. A replay system was promised soon after launch and the developers steering away from its word upset a lot of fans. With Gylfason clarifying that the feature is indeed coming, it is just a matter of time until the feature makes it to the game in a future Act.

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