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Riot Games Pays Tribute to Player Behind ‘Revive Me Jett’ Meme Who Passed Away

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Riot Games wants to immortalize Lance “Finest” Arcilla who was behind the iconic "Revive Me Jett" meme.
The new "Finest" playercard will be available in the Episode 4 Act III battle pass.
Finest died at 21 as revealed by his mother on Facebook.

Most Valorant players do not know who Lance “Finest” Arcilla is, but they have seen the “Revive Me Jett” meme at least once. The player who gave birth to the meme during the early days of Valorant passed away earlier this month. He was 21 years old and Riot Games has decided to commemorate the player by implementing his gamer tag as a title that anyone can use.

The story behind the “Revive Me Jett” meme

The clip below was posted back in 2020. The video shows Finest repeatedly confusing Sage with Jett. For those who have seen the meme but do not play Valorant, Sage has healing and revival capabilities but Finest kept calling out Jett, who is a DPS character. Finest did not realize his mistake until the very end of the clip and within days of posting it, the video blew up online on social media platforms.

Finest’s mother Leny Arcilla confirmed on Facebook earlier this month that her son has passed away. The cause of his untimely death at the age of 21 remains unknown. Players all over the world will fondly remember Finest through the meme for years to come.

This is the second time that Riot Games is commemorating the meme. A “Revive Me Jett” spray was made available in a previous battle pass. Riot Games revealed on Twitter, "In the upcoming Episode 4 Act III Battlepass, we pay tribute to Lance “Finest” Arcilla, who gave the VALORANT community so many unforgettable moments of joy. In his honor, all players can now carry his name with them.”

The new player card will be available to all players once Valorant Episode 4 Act III drops and it shall commemorate him until the end of Valorant’s lifespan. Unfortunately, Finest did not get the revive from Jett when he needed it the most. We hope the player rests in peace and his family finds comfort knowing millions of Valorant players will remember him.

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