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Riot Games Officially Reveals Valorant’s Newest Initiator ‘Fade’

Abhimannu Das
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Fade is an Initiator who is expected to join Valorant's roster on 26th April.
Riot Games will release an official cinematic on 24th April at Valorant Masters Reykjavik.
While her abilities have not been officially revealed, leaks are doing the rounds providing details of her kit.

After weeks of teasers, Riot Games has finally offered fans a first look at the game’s newest agent ‘Fade.’ The agent was revealed before DRX went up against ZETA Division at Valorant Masters Reykjavik. Fade's cinematic trailer will drop on 24th April during the grand finals of Valorant Masters Reykjavik.

Fade will be available in Valorant after Masters Reykjavik

Valorant Episode 4 Act III is set to kick off around 26th April, which is when the agent should go live. While Riot Games has not officially announced Fade’s abilities just yet, Valorant leaker “ValorLeaks” shared the agent’s abilities on Twitter.

The leaks have not been confirmed and the abilities can be subject to change. Until Riot Games officially confirms Fade’s abilities later this week, the community can’t confirm the leaked abilities.

Here are the alleged abilities of the upcoming agent:

Prowler 300 credits (C)

  • Send out a creature that can follow trails or be controlled by moving your mouse. Upon reaching an enemy, they will be Nearsighted for three seconds. Only one Creature per Trail.

Seize 200 credits (Q)

  • Equip and Fire an Orb which will stay in the air for a max of 1.5 seconds, and then slam to the ground. When the orb hits the ground Enemies within the radius will be tethered, and will take damage and be deafened.

Haunt (E)

  • Equip and Fire an Orb which will stay in the air and then hit the ground. Then it will go back into the air and turn into an eye. If Enemies get seen by the eye they will be revealed and a trail debuff is applied.

Nightfall (Ultimate)

  • Send out a wave of dark mist. If the mist hits an enemy, they will be Deafened, Trailed, and Decayed.

With just two weeks to go until the agent is expected to release, fans will be excited to see how Riot Games shakes up the meta in Valorant Episode 4 Act III. Along with the new agent, we can also expect new skins and a brand new battle pass to go live in an upcoming content update.

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