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Riot is Open to Explore Adding Characters From ‘Arcane’ to League of Legends

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Some of Arcane's characters might make their way into League of Legends in the future.
Riot confirmed that the next two champions will not be from the show but beyond that, as they are exploring the ideas of introducing popular characters from the series.
Some of the standout characters who may be added include Mel Medarda, Ambessa Medarda and Sevika.

Riot Games took the entertainment industry by storm with its first-ever TV show ‘Arcane’, which is currently #2 on IMDB’s list of most popular shows with a rating of 9.4. The publisher established the origin stories of some of its oldest characters from League of Legends and has also introduced some truly memorable characters in Season One of Arcane. Among them, Silco and Mel Medarda got the most screen time and may become future champions in League of Legends. A Riot dev revealed that the publisher is exploring the possibility of adding characters from Arcane to League of Legends.

Riot Games is exploring the idea of adding standout ‘Arcane’ characters to its MOBA

In a recent Q&A session on Reddit, Lead Champion Producer Ryan “Reav3” Mireles confirmed that League of Legends’ design team has started discussing the idea of adding Arcane’s characters to League of Legends. He said “With how much Arcane has resonated with so many players and viewers, the Champs team is definitely excited to explore characters from Arcane as long as they actually make sense in our MOBA setting.”

Assuming we will get characters that are canonically still alive in the show, some of the potential characters include:

Mel Medarda

The scheming yet caring Mel Medarda was instrumental in dictating the change in power at Piltover. She orchestrated the removal of Heimerdinger as a council member and helped place Jayce Talis in power.


The right-hand of Silco who might become the next kingpin of Zaun. She has gone toe-to-toe with Vi on multiple occasions and is in line to take over Zaun in Season 2 of Arcane. Despite her showing loyalty to Silco right up until the end, she did seem interested in taking over the undercity and with the death of her boss, her wish might come true.

Ambessa Medarda

The mother of Mel Medarda who is far more cunning and willing to stop at nothing to get what she needs. If you thought Mel was cunning, her mother seems to ignore all morality and is willing to risk war and the lives of many to get her hands on Hextech weaponry.

If Mel does not survive Jinx’s attack in Season 2, Ambessa might take center stage and eventually become a part of League of Legends.

How soon will Arcane’s champions make it to League of Legends?

Fans will have to wait for at least the next two champion releases before seeing any Arcane characters in the game. Riot Games already has two champions in the pipeline that are not related to the hit TV series Arcane.

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