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Riot Games is Investigating KRÜ Esports’ Keznit for Alleged Racist Comments

Abhimannu Das
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KRÜ Esports player Angelo “keznit” Mori is being investigated by Riot Games for alleged racist remarks in a Brazilian Valorant practice Discord server.
Mori and his teammates were banned from the server temporarily and KRU Esports has issued an apology after the incident.
If Mori is found guilty, it could hinder his chances of competing in the 2022 season of Valorant Champions Tour.

Riot Games Brazil is currently evaluating KRÜ Esports player Angelo “keznit” Mori for his alleged racist comments that led to his suspension from the Brazilian Valorant practice Discord server. Mori along with his entire team was suspended from the server on 20th February but the players have been invited back according to a statement by the team. Riot Games is yet to offer a verdict on the situation and it could lead to strict punishment from the publisher if he is found guilty.

KRU Esports received warnings from the PRACC administration

Mori and KRU Esports were banned from the Brazilian Valorant practice server for violating one of the rules of the server that states any form of prejudice, homophobia, racism or bullying will lead to expulsion and a ban. This was confirmed by one of the Brazilian practice server commissioners in a Twitter post.

KRU Esports received a warning from the PRACC administration and has been added back to the Discord server. The team stated on Twitter, “After a good conversation with our Brazilian pairs/partners, the suspension that we’ve received has been lifted.”

After the official statement from the team was put out, Mori revealed on Twitter that his team had penalized him and the situation could ruin his career. He stated, “you can tell me that I don’t know how racism affects over there and I apologize for not having thought about that before making the comparison but never put in my head thoughts I don’t have or words I didn’t say.”

Argentinian journalist, Lau Agnolin revealed, “Keznit apologized after what happened with the Brazilian player and mentioned that ‘I may lose my career’ because Riot Games is also ‘internally evaluating’ the case, according to the note issued to the Brazilian media.” Riot Games told Upcomer that it is “studying the case as a whole” and the publisher has not concluded its investigation yet.

Mori was one of the most notable players at Valorant Champions Tour 2021 and he helped his team reach the semi-finals at the world championships last year. If found guilty in the recent investigation, he could face serious repercussions from Riot Games which can affect his ability to compete in this year’s Valorant Champions Tour.

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