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Riot Games Introduces LCS Game Changers Program for Women

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Riot Games announced its League of Legends Championship Series Game Changers program to promote women in esports.
Ten women will be selected as part of the program and will get the opportunity to work with esports organizations that are part of the LCS.
Registrations for interested participants is open and the event will commence on 27th September.

Riot Games just announced its week-long LCS Game Changers event which will feature the best female players in League of Legends. The best female players in the League of Legends scene will be scouted by professional and amateur teams in a bid to create a professional esports ecosystem that is diverse and inclusive. The publisher put out revealed details of the upcoming event in a blog post. Interested participants who want to be scouted for the event can register for the upcoming event, to get a shot at becoming a part of the 10 women who will be joining the Game Changers program. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming event.

LCS Game Changers overview

Riot Games revealed in its official announcement that LCS Game Changers is a program to support women who are high ELO League of Legends players and work to transition to be a part of amateur and professional leagues. The studio said, “We understand this process can be daunting to do alone, and we’re excited to host this event that will act both as a training and scouting ground to provide women with more paths into the esports scene.”

For the upcoming LCS Game Changers event, Riot Games will select 10 of the best female League players who apply via the open registration window. The players will be trained with coaches and staff from various esports organizations that are participating in the LCS. Guest speakers will also be a part of the event to educate participants on how to successfully transition into a pro career.

Players can register via the official link HERE.

Players will be selected on 3rd September and the LCS Game Changers event will commence on 27th September.


  • Players must be 13 years of age or older.

  • Players must be residents of the United States or Canada.

  • Players must be able to attend the full two weeks of the event.

  • Players must have the ability to submit game footage recordings.

As part of the LCS Game Changers program, players will be grouped into teams, where they will learn the fundamentals of becoming a pro, practice their skills, scrim against internal and external teams, and work with coaches and analysts to gain insight on how they can improve. The event will not be broadcasted live to respect the participants’ privacy.

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