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Riot Games Drops Another Teaser for Valorant’s Next Map

Abhimannu Das
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Valorant's next map might launch as early as 8th September with Episode 3 Act 2 closing in.
The latest teaser gives us a look at what seems to be Site B of the game's latest map.
According to leaks, the new map is codenamed 'Canyon' and will reportedly feature two drastically different landscapes in the same location.

Riot Games just dropped a teaser image which looks like it is going to be Valorant’s next map. The image also contains cryptic text in different languages. This is not the first time that the new map has been hinted at, with multiple images being hidden within the game files and social media posts over the past few weeks. Episode 3 Act 1 will end around 8th September, which is when Valorant’s next map might release. Riot Games is yet to make an official announcement on when the new map will be available, but with a ton of teasers being released, we are likely to be closing in on the release date.

Valorant’s next map might be ‘Canyon’

The most recent teaser image includes text that says “entzweite weiten,” which translates to “divided expanses.” Another bit of text says “Futuros Revelados,” which translates to “futures revealed.” There is also some Chinese text which loosely translates to “kingdom and disintegrate.” While the teaser is confusing, a part of the image has the letter “B” on it, which hints that it is a close up of the B site of Valorant’s next map.

Canyon is supposedly the game’s next map’s codename, according to leaks. In one of the photos in the battle pass, a canyon-like environment is visible with large rocky mountains and it might be where the game’s next map is based in. There are also some buildings and flora visible in the background, which is possibly where all of the combat will take place.

Another image was seen during the Night Market drop with one side of the map featuring greenery while the other being a desert-like environment. It could be that the map will feature two different types of climates. Very little is known about the map so far and as we get closer to Valorant Episode 3 Act 2, we will get more information about the game’s newest map.

When will Valorant’s next map release?

Episode 3 Act 1 will end around 8th September, and Episode 3 Act 2 should kick off on the same day. With Riot Games releasing its new agents and maps whenever a new episode or act drops, it is likely that the Canyon map will be available next month. If Canyon is in the works for Act 3 instead of Act 2, then players will have to wait till October 2021 to get their hands on the new map.

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