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Riot Games and OpenIDEO Launch $50,000 Open Innovation Challenge

Abhimannu Das
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The entries for the Designing for Digital Thriving Challenge will be open until 1st November.
The project seeks to generate ideas that lead to healthy interactions within online gaming spaces and healthier communities that are more inclusive.
The results of the event will be announced on 17th November.

Riot Games and OpenIDEO have teamed up to co-host the “The Designing for Digital Thriving Challenge”. The project is similar to what the Fair Play Alliance (FPA) and the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop have set up with “Digital Thriving”. It is a hands-on approach to developing healthy interactions within online gaming spaces and healthier communities that are more inclusive.

What is the Digital Thriving Challenge

Participants interested in the challenge have to design ways to potentially improve existing relationships within gaming communities and provide input for how developers can improve relationships with their player base. Anyone with ideas can submit their proposals to help create “digitally thriving” communities. Participants who submit the top proposals will receive rewards and funding for creating a flagship report in partnership with OpenIDEO and Riot Games.

With an estimated 60% of the world’s population being online and much of that connected to social media, a large part of the current human experience is a digital one and the project aims to achieve the following:

  • Every game and digital platform is a respectful and welcoming experience 

  • Connecting and engaging with others online leads to accomplishments that meaningfully contribute to a healthy society and a full life

The “Designing for Digital Thriving Challenge” is open to academics, community managers, educators, designers, developers, innovators, parents, researchers, students, and all other individuals who are committed to designing for digital spaces.

Participants from all over the world will be able to draw inspiration from three topic areas when creating their innovations and designs:

  • Designing for Marginalized Voices

  • Fostering Healthy and Resilient Digital Spaces

  • Building a Future for Kids and Families

Proposals can be designed for the public, individual creators, companies, parents, educators, players, and more. These can be ideas specific to a particular group or broader proposals that can eventually be customized.

Interested participants can use OpenIDEO’s Communications Kit to know more about the competition and submit their proposals. The last day to submit proposals is 1st November and the winners will be announced by 17th November after an expert group of panelists review all proposals.

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