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Revenant Esports Wins The Esports Club Valorant Community Cup #2

Abhimannu Das
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The Esports Club Community Cup #2 has come to an end with Revenant Esports securing first place.
Revenant Esports will be receiving INR 1,00,000 ($1,281) for its first-place finish while Lethal Esports secured INR 50,000 ($640).
The playoffs stage saw six teams from India and two teams from Pakistan compete at the event.

The Esports Club’s Community Cup event has come to an end with Revenant Esports taking home a hard-fought victory. The event commenced on 13th June with the open qualifiers seeing teams from South Asia sign up and compete for a prize pool of INR 1,50,000 ($1,920). Revenant Esports started off strong at the grand finals with a quick 2-0 lead but Lethal Esports managed to fight back and take things to game five. The fifth and final game of the night ended with Revenant Esports securing a win and winning the championship.

Revenant Esports vs Lethal Esports Recap

Both teams played well with Lethal Esports’ Agneya “Marzil” Koushik and Anil “LuciA” Kumar putting on great performances to bring Lethal Esports back into the fight after succumbing 0-2 in the series early on. Revenant Esports’ Kasif “Paradox” Sayed was the star performer of the event with the player securing a whopping 92 kills and an Average Combat Score of 236.

Match 1 - Revenant Esports 13 - 10 Lethal Esports

Lethal Esports picked Bind as the first map but it lost 13-10 thanks to Paradox’s solid performance on Raze who helped break the deadlock between both teams. Both teams were tied 5-5 at half time and Revenant managed to edge past Lethal to take an early lead in the series.

Match 2 - Revenant Esports 13 - 9 Lethal Esports

This time it was Revenant Esports’ map pick on Fracture and the team did not falter. Chogyal “sens3i” Bhutia of Lethal Esports had a rough game with just 4 kills and 16 deaths as Revenant Esports managed to make his Chamber plays ineffective.

Match 3 - Revenant Esports 9 - 13 Lethal Esports

Ascent was Lethal Esports’ pick and the team did not falter this time. With Revenant Esports just one map win away from a victory, Lethal managed to turn things around thanks to multiple round-winning performances by LuciA.

Match 4 - Revenant Esports 7 - 13 Lethal Esports

It looked like Revenant Esports was losing grasp of the situation in the fourth game of the night as Lethal Esports managed to secure a dominating 8-4 lead in the first half and quickly closed things off to stay in the fight to take the series to game five.

Match 5 - Revenant Esports 13 - 10 Lethal Esports

Things came down to the very final map of the night with both teams slugging it out on Split. The first half ended 7-5 in Revenant Esports’ favor and despite Marzil’s best efforts to keep his team in contention for the championship, Revenant slowly but surely ended the match with a 6-5 second-half to seal the deal.

Lethal Esports will be looking for revenge in future community cups but it is Revenant Esports that gets to walk out with all the bragging rights. Revenant Esports will be receiving INR 1,00,000 ($1,281) for its first-place finish while Lethal Esports has secured INR 50,000 ($640).

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