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Respawn Secretly Nerfs Horizon in Apex Legends Leaving Players Confused

Abhimannu Das
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An unannounced change to Horizon in Apex Legends has reduced her accuracy when using Gravity Lift.
Respawn is yet to confirm if the change was intentional or a bug.
Even if the change is intentional, she might still dominate the popularity charts due to the high utility her kit provides.

Apex Legends’ latest update just dropped and players are very confused when playing Horizon in the new patch. The new update which added back the Control limited-time mode, skins, and a Collection event, also included a “nerf” to Horizon and players can’t figure out if the change is actually a nerf or just a bug. Horizon’s accuracy when using her tactical ability is worse than what it was previously which heavily affects her viability. 

Gravity Lift “nerf” to Horizon in Apex Legends could just be a bug

In the current version of the game, Horizon does not get the same level of accuracy on her Gravity Lift as she used to. In case you didn’t know, her tactical ability creates a temporary lift as the name suggests and sends you up into the air for a very short duration. The ability can be used to reach the high ground in various parts of the map.

Advanced use cases of Gravity Lift involved players shooting while going up on the gravity lift or healing. You could also strafe during the process to avoid incoming damage, which made it one of the strongest tacticals in the game. There was a reduction to accuracy when using the ability, it was not too bad and players with decent tracking skills would still be able to shoot their targets.

Horizon is one of the most popular characters in the game across all ranks and she was the most-used legend in the previous patch. Respawn is yet to confirm if the change is intentional or not. It is most likely a bug as the change was not included in the patch notes.

In case the change is intentional and Respawn forgot to share information about it, it nerfs Horizon significantly. Her tactical ability was one of the strongest parts of her kit and not being able to use it in combat as effectively can hurt her place in the meta. Despite the nerfs, her passive Spacewalk still outclasses almost every other legend and she might still see play in ranked and competitive modes.

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