Punkk Emphasizes Supporting Esports Games Other Than BGMI

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Punkk Emphasizes Supporting Esports Games Other Than BGMI</p></div>
Punkk Emphasizes Supporting Esports Games Other Than BGMI
In a recent livestream, Ashutosh “Punkk” Singh stated that he would start playing BGMI once the game returns and added that he was playing other games to show his audience that such games exist.
Punkk expressed his concern that the gaming community is too focused on BGMI, which limits the opportunity for players to rise to the top.
He explained that if the community supports a diverse range of games, more players will get the opportunity to reach the top competition.

Professional Battlegrounds Mobile India (India) and New State Mobile player Ashutosh “Punkk” Singh recently revealed his stance on BGMI and addressed concerns surrounding the gaming community’s over-reliance on a single game. Punkk stated that he was not playing BGMI as it was suspended and would continue not to play until it returned. He expressed his frustration with the limited opportunities underdog players get and added that supporting all games would generate greater opportunities for players, thereby growing the esports community.

Punkk believes supporting all games will lead to growth in the esports community

As BGMI is currently suspended in India, Punkk has been playing other games, such as New State Mobile and Valorant. In a recent livestream, Punkk was playing Valorant when one of his viewers asked him when he would start livestreaming BGMI. Punkk was quick to reply that he would only start playing the game once it returned. He stated that he has not switched to Valorant and is only playing different games for fun. “I want to show you that such games exist. If I cared about subscriber count, I would have streamed BGMI. It would have increased my subscribers. My Instagram followers have decreased so much, but do I post BGMI clips? But once the game returns officially, I will start playing again,” he added.

Punkk expressed his concern that the gaming community is too focused on a single game - BGMI, which may hinder the growth of the industry as a whole. He acknowledged that BGMI is a great game and his personal favorite but emphasized that there are other games that also deserve attention and support. “When we support all games, more people will get the opportunity. In one game, lakhs of players participate, but only ten to twenty people get the opportunity,” he added.

He explained that only the top esports organizations get invited slots, thus reducing the opportunity for underdog players to play at the top level. He added that if there are different games in the industry, more players will get more opportunities to play at the top level. As a result, the esports community will grow.

Punkk expressed his frustration with the lack of opportunities there are for up-and-coming players. He noted that even in the most popular games, only a select few players are chosen to compete at a high level, and sometimes these players don’t perform as well as they should. Punkk emphasized that this lack of opportunity is particularly damaging for underdog players, who struggle to break into the top competition of the industry.

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