Popular Indian Rapper Raftaar Joins Kick

Is the Indian hip hop scene shifting to a new platform?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Popular Indian Rapper Raftaar Joins Kick, To Stream Later Tonight</p></div>
Popular Indian Rapper Raftaar Joins Kick, To Stream Later Tonight


One of the most popular rappers from India and an iconic hip hop artist, Raftaar has officially joined the streaming platform Kick.
Raftaar announced via an Instagram story post that he would be live on Kick at 9:00 IST on 14th November.
Raftaar has been promoting Stake since late October and has become one of the first music personalities from the country to join Kick.

One of the most popular rappers from India, Raftaar has joined the controversial streaming platform Kick, which launched in December last year. He is the first hip-hop artist from the country to join the platform and has created a massive buzz nationwide.

Apart from his music, Raftaar is quite an avid gamer, especially on the mobile platform, and has even created the official music video for PUBG: NEW STATE called RATATA.

He has not officially announced his arrival on Kick but did put out an Instagram story through his official account stating that he would be live on the platform at 9:00 PM IST on 14th November.

Raftaar Joins Kick

Raftaar Joins Kick and Will Go Live WIth First Stream Tonight

The gaming and music community from India has been caught by surprise as Dilin Nair more popularly known by his stage name Raftaar has announced his arrival on Kick in a rather cryptic manner.

Instead of putting out a post or statement through any of his social media pages, Raftaar opted to put out a single Instagram story stating that he would be live on Kick at 9:00 IST on 14th November.

He did not give any other details regarding this livestream, leaving everyone curious and creating quite the hype, but at the same time it has also promoted some heavy speculations by the public.

Some think that his first stream on Kick could be related to the release of his anticipated album, in the form of a teaser and other basic details, while others think that it could be a simple mobile gaming session with some other popular personalities, something that Raftaar has dabbled in the past.

Raftaar To Stream On Kick

Raftaar's Partnership With Stake and Transition to Kick

Kick, a burgeoning video live-streaming service, finds itself at the heart of the converging worlds of online entertainment and gambling. The platform is notably backed by Bijan Tehrani and Ed Craver, co-founders of Stake, a crypto gambling and sports betting website, alongside the notable streaming personality Tyler "Trainwreckstv" Faraz Niknam. This association places Kick in a contentious position; while its operations are legal, the link to gambling through Stake presents a moral dilemma for some observers.

Adding to the complexity of this situation is the involvement of Raftaar, a prominent hip-hop artist from India. Since the commencement of the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023, Raftaar has actively promoted Stake on his social media platforms. His promotional efforts include three Twitter posts, dated 19th October, 22nd October, 4th November, as well as an Instagram reel posted on 13th November. These posts, indicative of a potential partnership with Stake, have not been without controversy.

Raftaar's promotion of a betting and gambling platform has drawn criticism from the public, highlighting the ongoing debate about the ethics of such endorsements by influential figures. In response to the backlash, Raftaar has restricted public comments on his Twitter posts related to Stake, although he has not taken similar measures on his Instagram account.

Raftaar Promoting Stake On Twitter

More information might be revealed once Raftaar goes live on Kick later tonight and we will make sure to keep you guys updated.

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