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Police Caught Crime Suspect Who Was Playing League of Legends at a Café

Abhimannu Das
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A Chinese policeman from Chongqing accidentally ran into a wanted suspect while playing League of Legends with his friends.
An announcement was made at an internet cafe notifying everyone that a Challenger rank player had logged into the cafe.
The policeman wanted to see the player play and noticed that he was a wanted suspect and immediately made the arrest.

A Chinese policeman accidentally caught a wanted suspect in Chongqing city while playing League of Legends with his friends at a cybercafé. While he was playing, the rank of one of the top players on the Ionia server was announced by the cyber café management. After being interested in seeing how a Challenger ranked player plays in League, policeman Zhang Yihao walked up to the player and noticed that he was a wanted criminal suspect. It led to the arrest of the player after the police officer verified the identity with his colleagues.

The player was reportedly wanted in a civil assault case

The footage of the entire incident can be found below on the Elephant News YouTube channel. It is a common practice in internet cafes throughout China for an announcement to be made whenever a high-level player logs into an internet café. While it can serve as bragging rights for some players, it proved to be an unwanted situation for the arrested player.

In the official news report, netizens in the Chinese community ridiculed the situation and joked about it. Someone commented that, “you never know why your teammate suddenly hangs up.” The arrested player was wanted in a civil assault case and it might be a while until he comes back and maintains his Challenger rank in League of Legends.

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